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Presence with Purpose

Lisa Jones, the Millionaire Medium, is a powerful speaker with a deeply intuitive ability to help people tap into their deepest hidden desires. She has been called to deliver messages of spirit, abundance and true inner happiness. With over a decade of experience of guiding people to their divine and opening their hearts, she has spoken to a wide range of audiences, including widowed and grieving individuals, entrepreneurs and corporate business leaders.

Up Close & Personal

Awaken Your Wealth

Lisa Jones primarily focuses on helping people with Empty Wealth Syndrome™, a condition that many with money and fame suffer from during and after they have focused on and acquired this societally emphasized goal. Many who rise to the top, end up feeling empty, isolated and unfulfilled in life. Lisa gets to the heart of the matter, in her one-on-one and group advising practice, to Awaken the Wealth Within™, so that her clients can truly have it all!


Awaken the Wealth Within

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Lisa Jones has created 9 transformational meditations that can change your life in less than10 minutes a day. For showing up, right here, right now she’d like to offer you the free gift of her abundance meditation. Just know, it is not a coincidence that you are here in this moment… Download your free gift, and allow the power of the divine to awaken your wealth within


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