This blog is about the art of living happy, thus the chosen URL…  I figured before I got side tracked with too many ideas about the “art” part of living happy – I would throw out a crash course in happiness, so you can get started living happy NOW.

Laughing Angel

✓    Start Laughing – Laughter is the medicine of the soul.  If you aren’t happy in your life then start laughing.  Even if things are absolutely terrible, find something to laugh at.  Remember that you can always be more happy in your life.  If nothing strikes you as funny, then sit down and force yourself to laugh.  I know you will feel ridiculous, but who cares, if this will help your life get back on track – why not?  What do you have to lose???  And it’s free!!!  Find time to laugh everyday – minimum of five to ten minutes.

✓    Have fun – Okay, so you’ve lightened up a bit as you are looking for funny events in your life.  Good for you!  The next thing I want you to focus on is having fun.  Life can get way to serious; school, work, paying bills, monitoring your stock portfolio, taking care of children, fighting with your loved ones – come on – have some fun already!  Ideally go outside and run around, play catch with your kids or a friend, swing on the playground.  Remember when you were a kid?  It wasn’t hard to have fun then, was it?  Plan fifteen minutes everyday to just have fun.  Wait a minute; what’s that?  I hear people moaning, “I don’t have an extra fifteen minutes in my day.”  Get up earlier, turn off the TV, or go to bed 15 minutes later.  Stop making excuses and start having fun – it’s not like I’m asking you to go to the dentist everyday!

Intuition - Go with the feeling

✓    Listen up – This is where I’m going to lose some of you.  Hear me out and stick with me – I promise you will be happier if you follow this advice.  Listen to your gut, that little voice in your head, your intuition.  Call it what you’d like, but this is the key to being happy in life.  As I mentioned in yesterdays blog, “I want to inspire you, even a tiny bit, to look for the flickers of coincidence in your life.  As you notice these flickers, they will start to become flashes, and then one day you will start to notice miracles in your life.”  These flashes and flickers I’m referring to start with your intuition and actually following through with what you are feeling or hearing.  You are on this planet for a purpose and if you aren’t fulfilling that purpose you are most likely not happy – you may be very successful and even extremely wealthy – but bottom line you are not truly happy, you feel a void in your life.  The fastest way to fill that hole is to discover your purpose and start living that life.

This was a total crash course.  I have so many ways to help you live a happy life, but as I mentioned, I wanted to give you some concrete ideas right away so you can be working on your happy life right NOW.  I’d love your feedback.  Send me a comment as I read every message that comes my way – I guarantee it!  Here’s to being happy! – Lisa

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