Your Intuition is the Guide to an Amazing Life

My first husband passed away in February of 2004 after a seven year battle with lymphoma cancer.  Two nights before Ian died, we had the most amazing conversation, and he told me all of his hopes and dreams for our two children, Jenna, who was 10 and Robbie who was 8.  He asked me to buy the The Lord of the Rings – The Motion Picture Trilogy Platinum Series Special Extended Edition for the kids.  He was a HUGE Lord of the Rings fan, and he wanted to share this with his children.  He also told me to go and find someone to love.  He asked me to find someone that would love our children and raise them as his own.  Ian couldn’t have given me a better gift.  After he died, I made a list.  I made a list of the things I was looking for in a new love.

After a month or two of shuffling around and not knowing up from down, I prayed to God and asked for the following:

Someone to love

Someone who loved the children

Someone who loved me

Someone with no baggage, who had never been married and had no kids

Someone with a secure job that he enjoyed

I know I was asking A LOT!  I had kids, a ton of baggage, and I’d already been married.  What could I have been thinking?

Four months later, I hit the jackpot!  My friend Lisa, who also lost her first husband to cancer, invited me to go out for drinks.  It was the first time I had been out with a girlfriend since Ian had passed.  Lisa’s new husband, Stan, was the golf pro at the local private club in our town.  As Lisa and I were sipping our martinis she said, “Hey, the new golf pro is here .  Do you want to meet him?”  I took another sip of my martini and replied, “Sure, why not?”

Little did I know that when I turned around on my bar stool, I would almost fall off.  This was not because I was tipsy, but because when I looked into David Jones’ eyes and shook his hand, my whole world was rocked.  I knew instantly that this man was someone special, and that I was going to marry him!

This reminded me of the day I started my job at Price Waterhouse in San Francisco in 1989.  I had just graduated college in Denver, and I went to start my career as a CPA.  I was NOT going to date anyone – not until Ian Sharpe walked through the door of the conference room.   My first thought was, “Now, there is a guy I could marry!”  We were married two and a half years later.

David, called me the next day, and we met for a drink.  It turned out his father had passed away of cancer  just 6 weeks before Ian had died.  David had flown home to Ireland to help care for his father.  His sister had lost her husband to a heart attack almost a year prior and was left with 5 young children.  Our entire first date was spent talking about death.  It was the most amazing date!   Who else could have understood what I had gone through than someone who had recently been a caregiver himself.

I looked at my list:

Someone to love – how could I not?  The Irish brogue and the blue eyes!  We were married 2-25-2006

Someone who loved the children – David always wanted children, but never wanted to do the “baby thing”.  He also had always wanted a son named Robert (after Bobby Jones the golfer).  Robert is our son’s name!  David voluntarily adopted the children on May 15, 2007.

Someone who loved me – he does!

Someone with no baggage – at age 39, David had never been married, and he had no kids

Someone with a secure job that he enjoyed – David is a golf pro at the local country club and loves his job.  Golf is his passion.

Not only did he fit every criteria on my list, he is sweet, passionate, caring and handy around the house!

I followed my intuition both times.  Meeting and marrying Ian and having almost twelve married years together was such a sweet and wonderful time in my life.  I obviously had a rough time with his illness and passing, but he gave me my two treasured children.  And yes, I met David very soon after Ian’s death, but it was right.  Since Ian, Stan and David’s father all arrived in heaven at around the same time and knew either David or me, I’m convinced that over a few pints of beer together they plotted a way for David and I to meet.  Well, guys – I want to thank you because I’ve never been happier!!!  Cheers!

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