The real art of living happy comes into play when the chips are down.  It’s so easy to throw in the towel and turn your back on everything when bad events are occurring in your life.  The trick to keeping your head above water, or keeping yourself from falling into a deep pit of depression is to look for the goodness in life.  It’s there – all the time – even when and I would go as far as to say, especially when, things are not going well in your life.  As I stated, there is goodness in life all the time, and when you are in the midst of reveling in happiness in your life you most likely aren’t looking for it – because you are experiencing the goodness – and that is wonderful!

The key when you aren’t so happy is to look for, even search for the goodness in your life.  When my first husband, Ian, was undergoing his 3rd bone marrow transplant at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Care Alliance in Seattle, Washington, I had to dig deep to find goodness in my life.  The kids, Jenna age 9 and Robbie age 7, and I had been staying at a Marriott Residence in for six months – loved the free breakfast initially but after several months I couldn’t even look at that buffet table.

Sharing a moment with the kids

Even though my husband was in the ICU at the hospital and even though he almost hadn’t made it through the night on several occasions – I found goodness.  The people that surrounded me on a daily basis were so kind and loving – they were the nurses,  the doctors and especially the caring and compassionate hotel staff.  I met a number of other families undergoing similar treatments and of course we bonded and found goodness in one another.  I also found the innocence of my children to be a comfort.  They didn’t know any better so they just went with the flow and were always there ready to share their crayons to draw a picture, sit down to read a book or even just to exchange a hug.

If you are going through a tough time in your life, let me say I am sorry.  Life is not always easy and its many times can be filled with challenges – which once you overcome them you are usually stronger and happier.  In the mean time, I encourage you to take some time to think about the goodness in your life.  It really is there, you just need to be open to look for it.  Make a list, write it down.  Nobody cares more about you, than you – so take care of yourself by finding that goodness in your life – it will lessen the pain you are currently in – I guarantee it!

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