I don’t know how I would be able to enjoy life without my Angels.  This is just one small example of how to talk to your angels when you are in a tight spot…

I have just returned home to Connecticut from visiting my family in Minnesota. The kids and I travel there, on our own, every summer, as my husband, David has to work. My brother, Eric, and his daughter, Kara, met us at my mom’s house – they drove in from Denver, Colorado. We then packed up the cars and caravaned the two hours to Lake Norway to stay at my mom and step-day’s picturesque log cabin on the lake.

Summer Vacation on Lake Norway

We so enjoyed our four days there, however; the kids and I almost didn’t make it!  We boarded our Delta flight at 10am at the Westchester County Airport.  Our flight was scheduled to depart at 10:30.  At 10:29 the pilot came on the loud speaker, “Folks, our flight attendant has misplaced her bag, which contained her flight manual, we are therefore unable to fly this aircraft.  We are having a new manual flown in from Detroit, which should take about 3 hours.  Therefore, we are asking you all to deplane this aircraft and check in with the Delta desk about re-booking your flights, if necessary.”  They can’t fly the plane because the flight attendant lost her manual!  What?

Within seconds, while still sitting on the plane, I called the 800 number for Delta reservations and was told that the best they could do for us would be to have us take a cab from Westchester to LaGuardia Airport, then fly to Atlanta to catch a connecting flight to Minneapolis which would land at midnight.  “No, thanks!”

Robert the fire maker at the lake

This is where my angels came in to play:

We got off the plane, and stood at the end of the line for the Delta counter.

I then asked my angels for help: “Please Angels, allow for the kids and me to be put on safe flights, that will allow us to arrive in Minneapolis as soon as possible.”

I then phoned the Delta reservation line again… “Yes, we can book you on a United flight leaving in an hour to Chicago, and from there you will be on a Delta flight to Minneapolis arriving at 4:00pm.”  Perfect!  “Thanks, Angels!!!”

Everything seemed in order until we arrived at the United ticket counter.  “Ma’am, we have no seats available on this flight – who put you on this flight?”  I explained that the Delta representative did.  “Well, you can go and sit at the gate, but we are overbooked and there is no way that there will be seats on this plane for you!”

So we dragged out bags (thank goodness we had only brought carry on bags!) down to the gate and waited.  People streamed onto the flight.  I was getting nervous, but I calmed my fears by continuing to talk to my angels and they were very re-assuring.  “Mrs. Jones, it’s your lucky day – three people booked on this flight did not show up – you and your kids can board the plane, and I’m sorry I was so rude to you earlier, usually everyone booked shows up, so I really thought you had no chance of getting on this plane.  Have a safe flight.”

Wow, we got on the flight and we got an apology – my angels were working overtime!

We arrived in Chicago without a problem, in large part due to an earth angel who shared with me half of her turkey sandwich.  When we boarded the plane we were told that a passenger on board was severely allergic to peanuts and that we would have to divert the plane for an emergency landing if peanuts were opened on the flight.  I had picked up a package of mixed nuts (no peanuts) to have while we were flying.  If I don’t have protein regularly I tend to pass out.  I mentioned this the the flight attendant, who looked as though he were going to pass out because of this catch-22 scenario. He told me not to open the nuts and to press my call button if I  was feeling faint.  Great plan…  About 20 minutes into the flight this lovely woman sitting in front of me asked if I would like half of her sandwich.  What a generous offer – I almost burst into tears.  I graciously accepted, felt a lot better and thanked her profusely.

We walked to our departure gate, where we discovered our next obstacle.   I was told that United wouldn’t release our tickets back to Delta!  Until they were able to regain control of our tickets we could not board the plane.  Oh my goodness – this was really turning into a nightmare.  After a second agent arrived and worked on the problem for over 30 minutes, without resolution, I started talking to my angels again.  “Angels, please allow for an easy transition of our tickets from United to Delta, with both parties getting exactly what they need, so we can board this flight and arrive safely in Minneapolis.”  I felt tingles all over my body.  When I looked over at the desk, where the gate agent was sitting, I saw her say, “Okay, great.  Thank you so much for helping me resolve this situation.  We are all set at this end, okay, you’re good, right?  Great, take care.  Goodbye.”

She looked at me, and gave me the thumbs up.  I looked at her, smiled, and in my head thanked my Angels once again for saving the day.

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