Today I decided to share with you the idea of creating more happiness in your life by spending time in nature. Part of my daily routine is to take a twenty minute walk every morning, usually around 7:30am. This started out as a way to walk my dogs, but it has turned into a ritual that grounds me to the earth, and allows me to focus on my breathing, my thoughts and my body. I am so grateful that we live across the street from a beautiful town park. The best part is that I am usually the only one there so I can really focus on what’s going on inside of me. Today my video shows you the beautiful view from one part of the park. Taking time to exercise, reflect on life and breath is a guaranteed way to increase the happiness in your life. Give it a try! ~Lisa

7 Responses to “Art of Cultivating Happiness – Walk in Nature”

  1. Danni Dunn

    I love the video. Nature does ground us. It’s sacred.
    Have a good weekend.

  2. Debbie

    Great to see your beauty and sparkle!
    I agree that Nature and brings me close to source which fills my Soul with Joy and gratitude…

  3. Barbara

    Thank you Lisa for sharing this wonderful video. Great to see your smiling face and that beautiful lake.
    I feel so blessed to have physically been there with you in the depth of winter when it was frozen over. It’s amazing to see it in it’s autumn glory.
    Even sitting here, inside watching on my computer fills me with joy and happiness. Thank you so much.
    Barb x

  4. Lumi

    Lovely, Lisa! I would come with you for your walking meditation if I could! You are blessed for living in a such a wonderful area! No wonder you’re smiling all the way….

  5. Johnnye

    Beautiful! What a lovely share with you in a moment of your daily living experience. Fully present with you and nature!!!

    Now, we want to see the dogs too!!


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