I took an adventure trip to Brooklyn, New York! I had never been to there before, and it was amazing. In my video I share with you a view from a little park, just below the Brooklyn Bridge. A sweet, young couple were having their wedding photos taken – you just never know what you’re going to run into when you change your routine. Where are you going to go on your next adventure?

3 Responses to “Cultivating Happiness – Change Your Routine”

  1. Addison Diamond

    This is a great one! Lisa, this video just reminded me of what I missed – change of routine, go out and experience something out of my daily habbit/limitations.

    I am so yearning to go on a trip to Bali one day. I got a strong feeling for that place when I watched Eat, Pray, Love, the movie with Julia Roberts as the main character. The movie is really inspiring!


    • Lisa

      Addison, I can’t believe that you want to go to Bali! I am planning a trip there to teach and commune with this beautiful energy. I’ll keep you posted on the details!!!
      Love you, Lisa


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