Today is the last day of fire week, Day 21!  You are going to be given the opportunity to play and have fun.  If you consider yourself an artist you will have the opportunity to play in your field of expertise.  For those of you, like myself, that don’t consider yourself creative or artistic, today is a great day to take out some crayons and just be a kid again.

I was brought up with one sibling, my dear brother, who is two years older than me.  From a very young age he showed incredible artistic abilities.  I on the other had more fun playing with receipt books, adding machines and office supplies (no wonder I became an accountant!).  The point is that because my brother got a lot of attention for his creative skills, I figured I wasn’t an artist let alone a creative person – unless of course you consider creative accounting… just kidding!  The belief that I am not creative, is something that I’ve recently been working on to change about myself.  I don’t blame anyone for this belief, it is just something that as a young child I internalized and now I’m having fun freeing up my creative juices – everyone is creative and artistic, it’s part of being a spiritual entity.  We just have to give ourselves permission to have fun and not judge.  Let me know what happens!  ~Blessings, Lisa

Fire: Day 21 – Fanning the Flame of Your Creativity

Although today’s world revolves around goals, accomplishments, and being productive, we each need to have a part of our life that is completely free, a place where we can surrender, trust our instincts, and discover and express our soul.  The soul needs creativity to express itself.  Basically creativity is receptivity.  When you are open and receptive, ideas and inspiration flow.  Creativity is one of the easiest ways to hear the messages of the soul.

Often people equate creativity with fine arts such as painting or writing, but it can also stoke the fires of every area of your life.  For example, research has shown that individuals that succeed in business often have a high level of creativity.

To fan the flames of your creativity, it is essential to be open to all the ideas that emerge within you, even if they seem wild or unpractical.  And for heaven’s sake don’t judge these inspired ideas.  Nothing dampens creativity faster that thoughts such as, “I’m not a creative person” or “It’s not very good.” If you unconditionally accept doubts and negative judgments of others about your creative ideas, it will put out your fire.

When you are being truly creative, time stands still and you enter into a dimension that can carry you beyond the ordinariness of life.  Ancient mystics knew this; that is why they often used artistic expression to enter into spiritual trance states.

Affirmation for the Day:Incredible creative life force flows through my entire being.

Today: Let your creative juices flow today.  Find ways that you can do things differently. Creativity flows when you are out of your routines.  Is there a different and creative way that you could set the table, clean the car, or make dinner?

Level 1:  Color Your Feelings

Get colored pens, pencils, or crayons, and paper.  Close your eyes and notice what you are currently feeling.  What emotional state are you in right now?  Now choose a color or colors that represent that feeling and passionately draw the feeling.  As a suggestion, play music while you do this exercise as music often ignites creativity.

Get a second sheet of paper.  Close your eyes and be aware of an emotion that you would like to feel.  Again choose a color or colors that represents that feeling and draw the feeling.  Your drawings don’t have to be beautiful or have perspective or make sense.  You are just opening the doors for your inner wisdom to flow through.

Now close your eyes and ask yourself, “If my soul had something to tell me about today, what would it be?” It is much easier for your soul to speak to you when you have opened the gates and creativity helps you with this.  Draw something that symbolizes that message.  If you are unsure what the message is, just start drawing, or just doodle.

Often the message will appear in a symbolic form in your doodle.  If it doesn’t seem to make sense—keep it because it might make sense later.

blue = copyright © 2007 material (reprinted with permission) by Denise Linn

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