Today is the beginning of the final week. I am so thrilled and excited for YOU!  This week is dedicated to the Earth and the physical part of who you are.  After exploring the mental, emotional and spiritual aspect of your life now it is time to ground yourself with the opportunity to focus on your physical body.

Below you will be conducting a body assessment.  After answering the questions (honestly) you may want to look at one area that you would like to improve.  You can come back later and address other areas, but for today just start with one area and think of one action that you could complete everyday for the rest of this week, which would improve this area of your life.  The key here is to not judge what is good or bad, just observe and take one step today to improve one area of your life.

A great starting point for anyone is to look at themselves in the mirror, every morning, and say, “I love you.”  The more feeling you can put into it the better.  For many people, as simple as this sounds, this is very difficult to do.  If that is the case for you, then start with, “I like you.”  I guarantee that if you continue with this exercise, and tell yourself “I love you” every morning you will see a noticeable difference in how your life unfolds.  I look forward to hearing about your experience.  ~Blessings, Lisa

Days 22-28:

EARTH – Physical

The last seven days of the 28-day program are dedicated to Earth and the physical aspects of your life.  Earth also represents wisdom, integration, and consolidation.  The last week of your preparation is aimed at clearing your physical space as well as preparing your body for your Quest.

Since earliest times, humans have had a dynamic relationship with the Earth.  Throughout ancient history, people saw the world as teeming with spirit life.  Every boulder, tree, mountain, and river had a spirit.  The context of human life was firmly rooted in a natural world infused with divinity.  We no longer, however, interpret the natural world around us as peopled with spiritual identities with whom we can communicate and relate.  Although this shift in perspective has resulted in tremendous gains in scientific understanding, we have lost our sense that we have a place in the cosmos, and we no longer feel intimately connected to the land.  In ancient times one’s connection to the earth lay beyond the realm of doubt.  The earth was the source of all life.  People believed that it fed and nurtured them.

This is the week to purify and balance all physical aspects of your life and to firmly place your roots into the Earth.

Connecting to the Spirit of Earth

All the solid forms around you, including your body, are a part of the physical realm.  Every morning for seven days, when you first awake in the morning, lie in bed and focus on the physical nature of your environment.  Be aware of the shapes and textures of the objects around you.  Get a sense of the solid physical nature of your body.  Notice how you relate to and identify with the physical universe around you.  By doing this you are activating the Spirit of Earth that dwells within you and around you.

To restore this sense of connectedness in your life today, go outside and stand on the land that surrounds your house.  If you live in an area of the city where there is no bare earth, find the closest park or other land that you can stand on.  If possible, remove your shoes to let the energy of the earth enter your body through the bare soles of your feet.  Let the reality of your relationship with the Earth fill your consciousness.  Feel it in every pore of your being.

Relax.  Imagine that you are Earth.  Imagine how it would feel to be a rolling hill, a great mountain, or a deep canyon.  Let yourself merge with the energy of Earth.  Imagine yourself lying in a wildflower meadow high in the mountains.  Visualize the roots of the trees around you extending deeply through the soil, anchoring to Mother Earth.  Feel your own roots reaching down towards the center of the earth.  Know that you are grounded and strong.  Feel the solidity of the round earth beneath you and the power and strength of our planet, which is your home.  Be aware of the grass pushing its way up out of the moist ground nearby.  Know that fresh new shoots of growth are similarly taking place within you right now.

As you do this, notice any memories that emerge into your consciousness.  Just watch these memories the way that you would a stone tumbled along a river bottom.  Don’t become engaged with your memories.  Just observe them.  If you are doing this exercise at bedtime, complete this meditation by drifting off to sleep.  Know that deep inner work occurs within your dreams as you sleep.

Allow memories from the past to come into your awareness.  Don’t judge these memories; just notice them.  Beneath conscious awareness, powerful changes are beginning to occur.  You are a part of the Earth, your body came from elements of Mother Earth and it will one day return to her.  Let yourself go to sleep knowing that as a child of Earth you have all you need.

Earth: Day 22 – Connecting with Your Body


Your physical body is your tool for experiencing the world.  It allows you to see, hear, feel, taste, smell, touch, and know your inner and outer environments.  It is also the temple for your soul.  Your soul is constantly communicating with you through your body, but often we are too busy to really hear these messages.

Today begins a journey to begin to hear the messages of the body and the messages of the soul.

Affirmation for the Day:I am one with the Earth.  I am one with my Body.

Today: Take a short period of time to do a meditation/creative visualization in which you imagine that you are the earth.  Visualize that you are the planet.  Alternatively, imagine that you have transformed into an aspect of the earth, such as:

•  An old oak tree with your roots sinking deep into the earth.

•  A snowcapped mountain.

•  A wildflower swaying in the warm spring breeze.

•  A beach pebble that has been rounded by the gentle rhythm of the sea.

The truth is that you are a part of all things.  There is a vast interconnected universe of which you are a part.  This meditation helps you to re-connect with the physical unity of all things.

Level 1:  Body Assessment

Your body is the vehicle by which you experience the world around you.  You may love it, hate it, ignore it, or be indifferent to it.  Nevertheless, it colors all of your experiences.  It can accelerate or hinder your ability to commune with your soul.

The first step to using your body as a tool for spiritual attunement is to be aware of where you are right now.  Answer “yes” or “no” to the following statements and answer any questions that the statement brings up.

1.  ____  I am comfortable in my body.

2.  ____  My body feels good most of the time.

3.  ____  My body is an outer representation of my inner state of being. (If not, what aspects of your body do reflect your inner state and what aspects don’t?)

4.  ____  When I am in physical discomfort, I know my body is trying to tell me something and I take time to listen to my body.

5.  ____  I do not negatively judge my body.

6.  ____  I love and cherish my body.

7.  ____  I am content with my weight.

8.  ____  My weight is within a healthy range for my body and my age.

9.  ____  I am satisfied with the muscle tone of my body.

10.  ____  I do great things to cherish and honor my body.

11.  ____  I have had a complete and thorough physical check-up in the last couple of years.

12.  ____  My teeth are in great shape and I get periodic cleanings and check-ups.

13.  ____  I floss regularly.

14.  ____  I am happy with my hair, nails, and skin.

15.  ____  My eyesight is good and (if you wear glasses) my prescription is appropriate for my


16.  ____  I hear well.

17.  ____  My organs (heart, liver, kidneys, pancreas, spleen, etc.) are all in excellent health.

18.  ____  My cholesterol count is healthy.

19.  ____  My blood pressure is in a good range for my age.

20.  ____  My digestive system is excellent.

21.  ____  I do not smoke.

22.  ____  I do not take habit-forming drugs.

23.  ____  My sugar intake is appropriate for my body.

24.  ____  My alcohol intake is appropriate for my body.

25.  ____  I walk or exercise at least three times per week.

26.  ____  I take time to breathe fully and deeply.

27.  ____  My body handles the stress in my life well.

28.  ____  I have no habits that have a negative effect on my health.

29.  ____  I get plenty of sleep to fulfill the needs of my body.

For Women

1.  ____  I have had my yearly Pap smear.

2.  ____  I am confident with my ability to do a self breast-exam, and I do it on a periodic


3.  ____  I’ve had my bone density tested at least by age 50.  (DEXA scan)

For Men

1.  ____  I’ve had my prostate checked (at age 40, 45, and every two years after 50) and my rectal exam every two years after age 40, yearly after age 50.

For Both Women and Men

1.  ____  My colon health is excellent.  (Colonoscopy every 10 years after age 50–unless high risk.)

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2 Responses to “Day 22 – Connecting with Your Body”

  1. Addison Diamond

    Hi, Lisa! Thank you so much for keeping in touch! I saw your tweet just now and it made me feel so great! It was so caring and supprtive! what I felt these couple of days was like a total disconnection with myself. But I am getting myself back on the tack now. I close my eyes and meditate. I will tell you more tomorrow as a friend of mine is coming to visit me now… Love you! Peace, Blessings!

  2. Addison Diamond

    Hi Lisa, so all in all this is what happened to me recently. I had a difficulty pulling myself back together until I finally decided to write to you about this for what I am really grateful because you replied to me with words of support and understanding. It felt instantly easier. Something shifted inside. There was so much energy in those words.
    I am so loving you and so grateful to you for everything that you are doing!
    My mind was sort of hit by a bolt of lightening when you wrote about the GROWING and I thought, “come on, whatever occurs is a part of the process, part of me and I tried not to judge myself for being a bit behind the coaching schedule and not fulfilling some of the tasks.

    Thanks a lot for always being out there for me!




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