We are all one with Earth.  Day 25 is about connecting with Earth and allowing the forces within you to be energized by the currents from the Earth, weather its from the soil, a tree, the oceans or the winds that pass by your face.  Taking time to observe nature is always a worthwhile way to spend your time.  Even just visualizing aspects of the outside world can calm and relax your soul.

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We live on a lake and I can barely express the joy, as its truly overwhelmingly wonderful, that I receive when I take the time to launch one of my little kayaks, with me balancing inside, out into the watery world just steps from my house.    When I was still working at the hedge fund, I made a decision to take a kayak out everyday after work, barring any potential lightning.  This small gesture saved my soul from sinking into the depths of despair.  Even if I only spent a few minutes floating and rowing I felt invigorated and recharged.  I challenge you to find a way to recharge with the Earth.  Don’t forget, I would love to hear all about it!  ~Blessings, Lisa

Earth: Day 25 – Awakening the Natural Forces Within You

We live in a rhythmic universe. Every part of nature has a unique language and rhythm of its own—every flower, bird, and tree has its own rhythmic language, which together create the underlying context that weaves all life together. We are constantly surrounded by these rhythms of energy. And if you take a moment to become very still, you can feel these rhythms of the natural world inside of you. It is immensely valuable to awaken and listen to the natural forces within you. Are your own internal rhythms in alignment with the natural rhythms of the world?

Affirmation for the Day: I am in harmony with the natural rhythm of life.

Today: Be aware of the rhythms of nature in all its forms around you. From the rising and setting sun, to the lengthening of shadows during the day, to the movement of animals and insects, and the changing weather patterns. Be aware of your own internal rhythms. Notice if they seem to be in alignment with the natural rhythms of nature.

Level 1: Replenished by Nature

As nature is disappearing around us, we are losing vast tracts of the wilderness inside of ourselves as well. It’s as if the fertile soil of the soul is being gradually depleted. Everyday as we lose part of our natural outer heritage, our inner heritage diminishes as well.

One of the fastest ways to replenish the reserves of the soul is to spend time in nature. The remarkable thing about the human brain is that research has shown that even just visualizing nature can produce some of the same positive biochemical and psychological results as actually spending time in nature.

Today, take 15 minutes to close your eyes and imagine yourself in a beautiful, refreshing place in nature. Make it as real as you can and imagine yourself really being there. You might imagine a mountain meadow, a sparkling seashore, an alpine lake surrounded by snow-capped mountains, or somewhere else. (This is an excellent exercise to do periodically during the day. Even a few seconds of visualizing yourself in nature can rejuvenate you.)

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6 Responses to “Day 25 – Awakening the Natural Forces Within You”

  1. Addison Diamond

    Another wonderful day of soul coaching! I am so happy soul coaching has become my everyday exercise that I do with a great pleasure!

    Lisa, you are my Savior! So grateful to you for taking the time to enlight people like me and help us come in to the world of unlimited happiness, joy, confidence, light, strength and much much more, you name it………….

    Love you so much!


    • Lisa

      Yuri, again you fill my heart with joy. Reading your words keeps me uplifted and joyful knowing that I can make such a difference in someones life. Thank you!!!

  2. Pattie

    Just want to share someting that happened the other day. When I got to work I got out of my car, locked the doors and as I was walking away I realized I didn’t have my keys (I usually use the keyless button – don’t know why this day was different). I went straight to the security desk to ask if they could help and they said ‘no’ – I’d have to call the police, AAA or a locksmith. As I walked away from the desk, feeling like this day is going to be a hassle, I heard someone call my name. I looked and it was my neighbor who happened to be waiting to go to a meeting with people to help start his business (btw – I set him up with the person in order to have this meeting!). He said he would gladly go to my house, grab my spare key and bring it back. How about perfect timing! I must say that I have been feeling more and more in tune with the universe since starting the soul coaching course. Part of me feels like Dorothy from Wizard of Oz – the connections were always there, now I have awakened my soul to accept them!


    • Lisa

      Pattie, I LOVE this story. Isn’t it amazing the synchronicities that occured for this to happen? Like you said, “the connections were always there”. Thanks for sharing!!! These types of stories make my day!
      Love you, Lisa

  3. Addison Diamond


    this is what is happening to me these days as well. Did you capture the feeling when things like this happen? How powerful they are? When I started making things happening for me too, I felt so surprised at first, then I felt how much energy and power there is in them. it is truely magnificent how you can change your life once you start listening to your soul and understanding the messages.

    Lisa, you are doing a very valuable job helping people awaken the potential there is in them.

    Love you so much, darling!


  4. Pattie


    It is exciting to realize that simply connecting to the soul is powerful and energizing! It is so refreshing to look forward to the day, no matter where I have to be! I pull a soul card from my deck everyday (in addition to the blog) – the message is always in synct with where I am at and puts a smile on my face, which has such a positve spiral effect!

    Have a great day 🙂 and Blessings!
    p.s. if you don’t have the Denise Linn soul coaching deck and book I highly recommend getting one!


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