Day 26 – A Home for the Soul

When you go on vacation, sometimes the best part is when you go home.  Day 26 is about ensuring that your soul feels like is has a home and that you nurture this place in order to feel grounded and secure.  I LOVE my home.  Everyday when I drive into the driveway I say, “I am so grateful to be living in this beautiful home with my loving husband and amazing children.”  I truly never get tired of being in awe of where I live.  The energy I put into this gratitude statement is then returned to me as my home truly loves me back.  I can feel it!  I encourage you to begin to develop a relationship with the place you live.  It may not be your dream home, and that is ok, but the more you start to nourish the feelings you have for where you live, the happier you will become.  If you truly hate where you live, then move!  I know that you may feel that you can’t – but guess what, if there is a will there is a way!  Keep me posted!  ~Blessings, Lisa

Earth: Day 26 – A Home for the Soul

There are four things that the soul requires in a home:
1. It needs a sense of belonging, to feel connected to the land or to a place.
2. The soul needs a place to feel safe, so you can be yourself without fear or hesitation.
3. It yearns for harmony with the greater cycle of nature.
4. Your soul needs sacred space.

When your home has these things, your life will be filled with inner peace.

Affirmation for the Day: I am at home, no matter where I am.

Today: Wherever you are, affirm that you are “at home.” For example, if you are in you car, affirm to yourself, “I am at home in my car.” If you are in your office say, “I am at home in my office.” If you are on a bus say, “I am at home on the bus.” Also, periodically affirm, “I am at home in my body.” If you are with other people, affirm to yourself, “I am at home with … (Sue and John, or my children, or my husband, or my wife, etc.)”

Level 1: Bring Nature into Your Home

The survival of the earliest humans depended on their ability to live in balance with the natural world and their homes reflected an awareness of this fact. Modern homes are often separated from nature and the soul has suffered as a result.

Today, bring nature into your environment so that the “beauty in your home leads the heart to the holy mountain.” Here are some ideas. Put up a photo of nature. Gather some leaves and make an arrangement of leaves, moss, pine-cones, and stones on a table. Tie feathers on strings and let them dangle where a breeze can softly move them. Put a big plant by the front door. Take a walk and find some items from nature and arrange them into a mandala on a coffee table. Play CDs of nature sounds: waterfall, rain, ocean surf, wind, crickets, or birds, etc

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