Twice a day, five days a week – the commute to work day in and day out is something most us are all too familiar with, but did you know that it can actually have a direct effect on your happiness?

While traveling to and from a job is something of a necessary evil (we have to get to work somehow, right?), the further you have to go every day, the more apt it is to impact your happiness.

The problem comes from unpredictability. While we might be able to get used to other forms of daily drudgery (doing the dishes, for example), the fact that traffic, road conditions, and other delays/problems crop up with no rhyme or reason makes commuting all the more stressful.

The longer the trip, the higher the chances for something to put a wrench in your daily routine.

This unpredictability, combined with the absolute necessity of making the trip time and time again, creates the potential for all kinds of stressors – which you have to face over and over without knowing what to expect.

The resulting unhappiness can overshadow even the best job or nicest house, since those stressors are impacting happiness every single workday.

So, what’s the obvious solution?

Work closer to home, or move closer to work!

Cutting down on that commute time essentially reduces the chance that traffic, accidents, construction, idiot drivers, nasty weather, or any other road hazard will negatively affect your mood on any given day.

Now, I understand that the prospect of moving and/or changing jobs seems like a lot of trouble, but when you realize what a big influence a commute can have on your overall happiness… you just might adjust your priorities!