Plan a Trip


People like to get excited about things. There’s an element of giddy happiness in waiting for a special date to arrive, to see a special person, or to experience a moment built up in our minds to be extremely important and joyful. This is the kid on Christmas morning in a nutshell.

What does that tell us about what makes us happy? It’s certainly worth noting that we actually derive happiness from the anticipation of something we think will make us happy. How strange is that?

The act of waiting for something good to happen can actually boost our day-to-day happiness! So, if you want to use this to your advantage, try giving yourself something to look forward to!

You could plan a trip to somewhere special, and even if it means saving over the long-term, putting the details in place as you go, and setting a date far enough in advance to get all your preparations in order, you’ll have something great to anticipate the entire time!

If you’re feeling stressed or unhappy, you can simply look at that date on the calendar, and let the eager anticipation of your awesome vacation brighten your spirits!

In fact, this “tactic” works with more than just vacations or elaborate trips. It’s about giving yourself something to look forward to, no matter how small. If this sense of anticipation helps boost happiness, then why not always give yourself fun things wait for?

Maybe this means planning your social life well in advance, or making a point to pick a few exciting outings to plan every few months. Whatever it is that you find yourself looking forward to, time with family, adventures with friends, calm evenings alone, or anything else you get enjoyment from, try to plan it out a little bit!

Just having those events marked on your calendar will give you something to anticipate, and in turn feel happy about. Just like planning a vacation or special trip, having those happy events to look forward to can help you overcome feelings or stress and anxiety. It’s like having a light at the end of the tunnel!

So, what do you have to look forward to?