I think most of you don’t know much about me

When I first graduated, I was super focused on getting on that partner track.

However, on that FIRST day in walked Ian!

The minute he walked in I said “Wow! Now there’s a guy I could marry

I didn’t know the gifts that I had within me.

When they kids were 1 and 3 it just devastated my life

7 years later I got more and more involved with talking to the angels.

I asked for Grace and Peace.

That just shifted my life like you wouldn’t believe!

That’s what I am

Click here to watch the video and hear my whole story.

Love and Blessings,

I want to help you connect with yourself … with your peace and happiness that is within!


Meditation is truly one of the most rewarding and life changing activities that you can explore and ultimately use to expand your life experience.


Click here if you are ready to embark on an entirely new way of being and believing sign up today and start your journey of peace, relaxation and connection.

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