The signs I send you on a DAILY basis


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Have you ever wished you, too, could be connected to someone on the other side?

Have you ever wondered if a passed loved one is trying to send you a message?

Let me tell you … the signs are all around you!

Coming back from a group, guided meditation we were visited by a bird and then provided with these messages … (click here to watch the video now)

We are with each and everyone of you all of the time.

There is a veil between you and us and the veil is thinning.

Be aware that signs are all around you.

Know that this was, in fact, the plan for me to experience in this lifetime.

I have learned many things.

Please know that I am there with you, I am helping to guide you.

I hope that you get the signs DAILY basis.

There is a bird that I send you many, many times.

I hope that you realize this bird is ME trying to let you know that

Even with all of my experience, I missed this obvious sign in the moment. It wasn’t until my business manager pointed it out on the video, that I was once again deeply humbled and moved by such profound and clear examples of how connected we all are to those who have passed.

Love and Blessings,




I want to help you connect with yourself … with your peace and happiness that is within!




Meditation is truly one of the most rewarding and life changing activities that you can explore and ultimately use to expand your life experience.

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