Love never dies,

it multiplies

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I had this total epiphany about death

2 years ago my mom died and it totally shattered me.

It was completely unexpected!

She was on a month-long vacation in Hawaii and on her last day there she called me and left a message saying she loved it there so much that she didn’t want to leave.

That evening she had a stroke, and a few days later passed away. She never left Hawaii in the physical …

It was a very different death experience than when my husband died after a 7-year battle with cancer. I had time to say our goodbyes. But with my mom it was so sudden and so shocking .

I always ask my Guides and Angels what they want me to talk to people about and they said:

“Lisa, don’t you understand?

Love doesn’t die. It multiplies!”

“You’re still in connection with your mom, but in a non-physical way.”

If you’ve had a loss in your life and you really feel that you’re wanting to move forward, but you don’t know what the steps are I’d love to have a conversation with you.

Your Loved Ones are sending you messages all of the time …

You are NEVER alone!

Just ask for Love and Guidance and you WILL get it!

Love and Blessings,


One Response to “She never left Hawaii in the physical”

  1. Mona Rozenberg

    Thank you Lisa for sharing..So true love multiplies .My daughter passed away 7years ago and I’m am raising her 2 kids my grand children and it’s been a journey that I’m grateful for , the love among us is strong and I continue to love more ..It has made me more loving..i have 7 grandkids…whole lot of LOVE there..
    Thanks again for sharing your story you have had a journey as well.your doing fabulous


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