As a little girl it NEVER crossed my mind …


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I followed the rules … I did what I was told and I became an accountant.

My dad had it in his mind that I’d make tons of money because that’s what he believed success was.

At age 37 I became an instant millionaire and it did NOT make me happy.

It was NOT about the money!

I felt guilty.

I felt shame.

I wanted to give it back!

I started using my money to help more people and I can’t tell you how gratifying it’s been.

I talked to my Angels and Guides and they gave me 3 tips about money (click here to watch the video) to share with you …

1. Money is energy … that’s IT! Just energy.
2. Your belief around money creates the FLOW or the LACK. It’s endless … just because one person has it doesn’t mean another can’t.

We can all HAVE it!
3. Guilt, shame and fear can only create unhappiness around money.

They also wanted us to know how to EMBRACE the money … 3 simple steps.

Click here to see what those 3 simple steps are.

Love and Blessings,


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