Dearly Departed,

I’m sure you may be wondering why we address you in such a manner, however you truly are the departed one. You have left the heavens of the universe to experience life on earth and agreed to all of the shenanigans (both good and bad) that you have experienced on the earth thus far.

If this shakes up up a bit, we are glad as that is what we are wanting to do. We want to wake you up and share with you the truth of what is happening. It is one thing to come to this earth forgetting who you are but, it is quite different when you not only forget but then begin to blame everyone and everything else for the circumstances in your life. You see you are the CREATOR of your life. So What ever consequences you are suffering or enjoying is due to your own creation

Again, this may be difficult to hear, but it is in fact the truth. Know that your thoughts, words and deeds create the heaven or hell that you are living in.

We are sharing this with you so that you can wake yourself up out of the depths of lies that you have been told about your life and start taking control and guiding yourself to the life that you’ve always wanted.

So here are 3 tips to start implementing in your life today to start living a more fulfilled and awakened life.
1) Believe – in yourself and in a higher power. You can call it what you ‘d like but there is a higher power who is here to support t and guide you – but you must believe, fully.
2) Do unto others – this is bit clique but truly before you speak, think if what you say is what you’d like to be said to you. Think about your actions, would you like that done to you? Reach out and help rather than hurt. This is a basic life enhancing tip.
3) LOVE yourself – this is easier said than done, but if you don’t love yourself, who will? You are the only one on this earth who can fully love you the way you want to be loved. Stop looking for others to validate you and give you what you refuse to give yourself.

Your will see an immediate difference in your life. If you begin to incorporated these ideas today.

We love and adore you!

The Beings of Love and Light – Lead today by Josiah

2 Responses to “Divine Download – Dearly Departed”

  1. Lorena ne

    Thankyou so much, I am remembering , I am excited about rest of my journey , blessings , Love and light

  2. Grace Weir

    Thank you Lisa for this beautiful channelled message..I touched me deeply…I’m new to your work and thank my angels for guiding me to you all that I’ve read so far has wrung true in all areas of my life..can’t wait to dig deeper …thank you for all that you do love your divinely guided messages can’t wait for more..bless you beautiful soul x


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