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When they come through me they just take over my body and I allow them to speak …

Let me just ground myself and call in my guides and I’ll deliver the message. (Watch the complete Divine Download here)

“First and foremost …

There is so much love for you!

There is never a time that you are alone.

You are always surrounded by Love and Light!

There are always Angels around that you can call on for help.

You MUST ask for it!”

In case you missed the Divine Download my Guides mentioned in today’s video you can watch it here.

I’ve decided to take this 1 step further!

As you know I, not only, love the gifts I receive from my Guides and Angels, I also love the ways in which they assist me in sharing these gifts with you!

So, what is the 1 step further?

I have decided to begin a monthly Divine Download program that I can open up to everyone!

To start things off I would like to GIFT you with my upcoming webinar where I will share a LIVE Divine Download(if you’ve been on any of my recent webinars or seen me on Facebook you know just how much more profound the messages are when you are able to experience them LIVE!)

Join me Saturday, January 21st at 3:00pm EST

Register now!

Love and Blessings,

P.S. Join me for a LIVE Divine Download webinar on January 21st.
Register here.

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