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When you’re open to Spirit like I am you kind of get overloaded with too much energy.

You definitely need to take care of yourself, and that’s what I was just doing.

Now, let me ground myself a little more deeply.

I’ll walk you through what my process is …

I call in my Guides and my Angels and I ask for a beautiful stream of sunshine to come down through my crown chakra, through the top of my head.

I allow it to fill my body with this beautiful golden energy, this beautiful light that helps revitalize my cells and my soul and connects me to the Divine Guidance from above.

I allow my feet to create beautiful roots that come down into the Earth so I’m grounded and I’m able to bring this amazing energy from the Heavens.

I ask my subconscious to take a backseat and just allow this information to come through.

Watch today’s Divine Download here.

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