On my first assignment as the new co-host for Maui Source TV, we interviewed famed mystic and author Doreen Virtue at her Big Island ranch in Hawaii. She shared she has been “born again” and is now distancing herself from some of her extensive published works not directly associated with God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit and Angels.

For example, she no longer does predictive readings or uses tarot cards. She is donating her royalties to charity on these products. She still stands behind her writing about angels from the Bible.

Doreen has been called to be a bridge between the new age and Christianity, helping people to find common ground of compassion, and non-judgment towards everyone of every lifestyle.

This is striking news, as she has been one of the foremost internationally known angel channelers for 25-plus years, as well as the top-selling author of New Age books at Hay House Publishing.

During the interview, she shared an extraordinary story about seeing a vision of Jesus on January 7, which convinced her to change her philosophy and surrender her life to him. She was then baptized on February 25. Doreen also explained that God told her she was misusing her prophecy gift and that she was only to do predictions about the future when divinely guided.

I asked her about mediumship work, and she explained that according to the Bible no one is to ask for advice from the departed by using a medium. This gave me pause, as I am a medium…

Instead of the biblical definition of mediumship, I like to use the word “medium” from the standpoint of physics: “A substance that makes possible the transfer of energy from one location to another, especially through waves.” I feel I am the substance that allows energy to move from the divine dimension to our earth plane dimension, as I channel angels, ascended masters, and the Beings of Love and Light. I know firsthand how transformational the information is that I provide to my clients and that this is the work God has asked for me to do.

As we are all given free will, I applaud Doreen’s recent status change, as she is being true to herself, just as I will continue to follow the guidance I am given. Ultimately we are all here to find our own way and I encourage you to find your way, through love, and to embrace it.

Lisa Jones, Millionaire Medium is an author, speaker, and podcaster. As a former CPA, she is an in-demand business consultant and media personality. She also helps individuals and families walk through life transitions including death, divorce and mid-life crisis. For more information, email her at Lisa@MillionaireMedium.com

Currently you can find Doreen hosting a weekly call-in talk show on HayHouseRadio.com as well as a weekly teaching video and oracle card reading on YouTube.

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