Does this ever happen to you?

You have something you’re burning to share, you have a way to help, a way to ease the angst being felt by another and yet you’re not sure you’re being heard? 

Don’t you wish you could just say “Can you hear me? Let me know if you’re there!”

You CAN do what I did! Ask and then allow the answer to come to you.

There is an energy out there that is bigger than us … just remember that you are always loved and always being taken care of!

I know it’s a crazy time around the world right now.

There are Hurricanes, Fires and Earthquakes … there’s a lot of fear and angst

I decided to pull some cards to figure out what’s going on.

Remember … in my 3-card pull our first card is blockage, the second one is the action card, and the third is the outcome card. Click here to watch the video. (Wow! The energy on the day of this reading was so wonky! Sure, I could’ve had the video polished up and removed the part where the video cut out and I had to go plug in, but I thought this was just another example of what this reading was all about.) 

We need more silence! We need to stop yelling at each other. We need to send love, we need … click here to watch the reading.

I’m sending you LOVE,

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