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Lynn Robinson shares amazing insights on how we can tap into our intuition and receive guidance as we move ahead in life. You’ll love hearing about how she transitioned from corporate to consciousness and how to get unstuck from overwhelm following a simple process.

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Show Notes

  • Using your intuition to help people in their personal life and business life – 1:27
  • Why we can’t make decisions just based on logic and fact – 2:54
  • How to tap into your inner GPS – 4:03
  • Knowing what the right answer is from your intuition – 6:04
  • Taking the next step with faith – 9:43
  • How this all started for Lynn – 11:28
  • Lynn’s lottery story – 17:50
  • A part of intuition is taking action on the information you get – 19:21
  • Lisa doing a reading for Lynn – 20:59
  • If you feel stuck or overwhelmed try this – 24:08
  • It’s time to redefine success – 27:17

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