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Robert DeVinck retired at the age of 52, but that wasn’t the end of his story. After battling cancer and addictions to drugs and alcohol you’ll hear how his story has many twists and turns.

He recently wrote a book called: The Pono Principle: Doing the Right Thing in All Things. In this special live in person episode you’ll get to hear Lisa and Robert speak authentically while birds and nature join their conversation.

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Show Notes

  • Roberts background – 1:07
  • His experience at Ponomakena Sanctuary – 2:53
  • Being diagnosed with cancer and his awakening moment – 6:10
  • Returning to drugs and alcohol – 10:37
  • What happens when you put yourself as #1 in life – 12:31
  • His rock bottom moment – 13:36
  • Having the writers heart inside him – 15:05
  • What is Pono and how the book was written – 17:22
  • How Pono works day-to-day – 28:32
  • Lisa doing a reading for Robert – 31:50
  • Recent synchronicities he’s experienced – 35:50
  • Special: Lisa doing a reading for listeners – 42:55

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