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DC Cordova has made a massive positive impact on the world. She has worked with Tony Robbins, Robert Kiyosaki and so many others. She’s lived an amazing life and it all started with an awakening moment that lifted her to an unbelievable level of consciousness.

I’m sure you’ll enjoy every moment of this conversation where she talks about money, wealth, healing, inspiring and growing. You will also hear a special audience reading from Lisa, so stay tuned until the end.

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Show Notes

  • DC’s background and her amazing story – 0:47
  • Where it all started for DC – 1:53
  • How beauty heals and her amazing awakening moment – 3:32
  • Her first consciousness moment after her awakening – 6:38
  • The difference of being rich vs being wealthy – 8:07
  • Making the world for 100% of humanity – 8:58
  • Why money is just an object and an exchange of energy – 12:09
  • DC meeting with Fidel Castro and what came from that experience – 13:25
  • Jac Holzman’s experience from going through DC’s business program – 18:36
  • Working with Tony Robbins and Robert Kiyosaki and affecting millions – 21:35
  • Lisa doing a reading for DC – 24:28
  • Why DC is passionate about recording and sharing more with others – 26:53
  • Audience reading from Lisa – 33:39

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2 Responses to “Making a Positive Impact to Millions of People with DC Cordova – Episode 26”

  1. Julie buckingham

    Hi Lisa really enjoyed the podcast with dc Cordova will look forward to going to her site and reading more thanks for sharing this lots of love julie

  2. Jenna

    I like how DC Cordova says some of the spiritual techniques she teaches in her business classes can be useful even to people who do not consider themselves spiritual or religious. That is very true. I think we can appreciate the good things about religions without accepting the whole thing. We miss out if we are not open to learning about something just because we view some aspects of it to be incorrect. Organized religions are human created, and they are usually a mixture of beliefs about the supernatural as well as a philosophical component. People need to differentiate between the supernatural and philosophical parts of a religion to be able to look for value and usefulness in the religion. That way, even if their views of the supernatural are different, they still can receive beneficial information from a religion that has a theology that conflicts with their own.

    I think sometimes we have gone a little too far with labeling and boxing people into various categories. I know people’s identities are important to them, and that is fine, but as Lisa often says, we need to remember that we are all one, no matter what types of labels we ascribe to ourselves and others. We especially should not allow these labels to create divisiveness and hatred between people. I have met so many interesting people over the years, I can’t imagine not liking someone just because there is a certain characteristic ascribed to him or her, as if a human being can be defined by a label or even a set of labels.

    I like the card reading Lisa gives her, and I thought it was great how DC Cordova gave Lisa some compliments for the work that she does. I also appreciate how when Lisa does the reading for the listeners, she tells people that if they don’t like what is going on in their lives, and especially if their job or career path is making them unhappy, they should change it. I think Lisa also gives good advice that we need to feel good about our own lives and about ourselves in order to help others effectively.


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