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Stanley Dawejko has a remarkable story and took a bold stance by tattooing the words “Live Your Dreams” on his right forearm! He shares how he has fully adopted the Law of Attraction and how it’s made an impact on his life.

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Show Notes

  • Stanley’s story and background – 1:53
  • Why starting over was a great experience for him – 5:01
  • How he changed his focus to freedom and the impact it made on his life – 12:25
  • A remarkable story of how synchronicity came alive in his life – 16:19
  • Why you have to find what you love doing and do it – 18:45
  • How taking action is an essential part of the plan – 22:45
  • Lisa doing a reading for Stan – 25:35
  • What Stan is currently doing – 29:36
  • Special listener reading from Lisa – 32:02

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One Response to “Learning To Live Your Dreams with Stanley Dawejko – Episode 29”

  1. Jenna

    I love Lisa’s interview with Stanley Dawejko. I like hearing stories about how people overcome hardships. There were many people who worked in the financial industry who were laid off during the financial crisis. It also is interesting to hear how he struggled financially and how that helped him realize what is truly important. Sometimes people do use recessions and times of financial crisis as a time to start a business when they are laid off from a job. What is interesting about trying to save money is it doesn’t have to do so much with clipping coupons or finding bargains, although for people who enjoy those sorts of things and have the time that is great. What I think makes the biggest difference is being aware of what we are spending and how much value and happiness that spending is giving us. I think when we do that we start to realize we spend money on a lot on things that we just do out of habit that don’t actually improve our quality of life. That way we can save money without sacrificing much.

    Stanley has the same view I do about how important it is to like the work we are doing. If we dread going to our jobs every day, that can even harm our home life if we bring our unhappiness and dissatisfaction with our work home with us. There are so many ways to make money, so we should try to find a way to earn a living that we enjoy. I like how he talks about the GPS and how the GPS tells you to go right and go left without you needing to know the whole thing, and compares that to navigating through life. I love that analogy. I like how Lisa says at the end of the podcast that life is an adventure, I agree with that.


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