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Ray and Bella sit down with Lisa in Maui and share their journey that has led them on a path of connecting with the earth and the spiritual vibrations around us. They share insights to increase love, connectedness and happiness in life.

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Ray and Bella’s special sentence – I call upon the power of love coupled with the power of dissolution in all consciousness forms in regard to…

Show Notes

  • How their journey began – 1:35
  • Putting everything in storage to live in the jungle – 6:33
  • How they nearly broke their community internet as they started coaching – 8:41
  • What they did before energy work – 10:46
  • Facing the challenges with faith – 14:12
  • It’s not about money to be wealthy – 16:40
  • Money is never an issue. It’s a responsibility or commitment issue – 18:01
  • Living life in a neutrality of love – 19:43
  • Understanding our human source code – 25:01
  • A secret sentence you must listen to – 27:02
  • How to see if the power of love really works – 34:33
  • Lisa doing a reading for Bella and Raymond – 38:58
  • Special listener reading from Lisa – 46:39

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It’s not about money to be wealthy. (Click to Tweet)

Money is never an issue. It’s a responsibility or commitment issue. (Click to Tweet)

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