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Ray and Bella sit down with Lisa in Maui and share their journey that has led them on a path of connecting with the earth and the spiritual vibrations around us. They share insights to increase love, connectedness and happiness in life.

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Ray and Bella’s special sentence – I call upon the power of love coupled with the power of dissolution in all consciousness forms in regard to…

Show Notes

  • How their journey began – 1:35
  • Putting everything in storage to live in the jungle – 6:33
  • How they nearly broke their community internet as they started coaching – 8:41
  • What they did before energy work – 10:46
  • Facing the challenges with faith – 14:12
  • It’s not about money to be wealthy – 16:40
  • Money is never an issue. It’s a responsibility or commitment issue – 18:01
  • Living life in a neutrality of love – 19:43
  • Understanding our human source code – 25:01
  • A secret sentence you must listen to – 27:02
  • How to see if the power of love really works – 34:33
  • Lisa doing a reading for Bella and Raymond – 38:58
  • Special listener reading from Lisa – 46:39

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It’s not about money to be wealthy. (Click to Tweet)

Money is never an issue. It’s a responsibility or commitment issue. (Click to Tweet)

One Response to “Taking a Leap of Faith to Connect with Source with Ray and Bella – Episode 30”

  1. Jenna

    I love how Ray and Bella spent a year doing meditation and just trying to really connect to Source and understand what life is about without all the distractions. I thought it was funny when Bella said she did not have any specific spiritual experiences that lead her to becoming an energy healer, she just earned a lot of certifications. I think she recognizes that what she does can benefit people even if they don’t believe in the supernatural. I like how they put their things in storage while they were in the jungle, and then when they returned realized they didn’t need some of those things anymore anyway.

    I like how Ray and Bella said that our society is built around fear and being afraid of things and we need to move away from that. I agree, we spend way too much time worrying about things that we shouldn’t. That goes along with the idea of living and being fully present in the moment we are in. We can’t do anything about the past (except learn something from it), and we can only go so far in planning and anticipating the future, so we should try to give attention to the moment we are in, and this can help us enjoy life more and connect to the Divine. We also should not spend a lot of time worrying about things we don’t have any control over, instead we should focus on what we can influence.

    I like Ray and Bella’s secret sentence. I also like how Bella explains love is the highest state of being, and how we can focus on bad feelings and turn that into love. I love her description of sending the beam of love into whatever the problem is that is making us feel uncomfortable or unhappy. That is such a great way to think about it.


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