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Chris Atley is known for her ability to help business owners reduce the overwhelm, and move through the obstacles keeping them from realizing their business goals and lifestyle dreams. Together Chris and Lisa talk about how to manifest what you really want in life and spot the coincidences around you.

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Show Notes

  • Chris’s background – 0:45
  • Her awakening story – 1:47
  • Why “The Secret” spoke out to her – 5:14
  • How she went from the corporate world to coaching – 9:33
  • The BIG coincidences that changed her life – 13:05
  • Lisa doing a reading for Chris – 22:52
  • Her closing tips for listeners – 25:23
  • Special listener card reading – 30:01

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One Response to “Manifesting What You Really Want with Chris Atley – Episode 31”

  1. Jenna

    I like how Chris Atley and Lisa talk about how people can move if they want, sometimes I think we forget we have that as an option. One of the big perks of living in the US is we can move to any state in the US we want to without too much problem. This gives us a huge number of options we don’t usually consider as available to us. We often have so many more choices in life than we realize. I like the idea of deciding what we really want, even if we don’t know exactly how to do it right now or all the steps to achieve it. That is good advice to state the goal to achieve, and then start figuring out what steps to take to move in the right direction. Usually there is not a way to know the whole path. It is true that even when we map out an entire plan to achieve something, it almost always requires adjustments along the way, but that is part of what makes life so interesting. The best project managers can adapt to and modify the plan where necessary, because no large project goes exactly how it was planned out, and people need to be able to adjust.


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