Meriflor Toneatto is the author of Money, Manifestation & Miracles. In this episode Meriflor and Lisa talk about why there are no coincidences in life how you can add more prosperity and fulfillness to your life and business.

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Show Notes

  • Meriflor’s background – 0:57
  • Why there are no coincidences – 2:09
  • Meriflor’s waking up moment – 3:50
  • Why so many problems and challenges come back to money – 6:59
  • Her “flipping the switch” moment of leaving a corporate career – 7:47
  • What inspired her to write a book to inspire and help women – 12:11
  • Starting your wealth gratitude journal – 14:42
  • How money is emotional currency for women – 19:53
  • Lisa doing a reading for Meriflor – 25:35
  • Meriflor’s closing advice about money and prosperity – 31:00
  • Special card reading for listeners – 33:41

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One Response to “There Are No Coincidences – Episode 32”

  1. Jenna

    Lisa’s interview with Meriflor Toneatto is amazing! I admire her for quitting her corporate job where she was unhappy, I have always felt like if someone is unhappy at a job it is important to take action to find a different job or even a different career if that is the issue. I love how she is empowering women and their relationship with money. I think it is important for all women to have the ability to support themselves financially even if they are currently being financially supported by their husbands. That way they can leave the relationship if they need to leave, and it also gives them leverage within the relationship itself. I like Meriflor’s idea of the money gratitude journal, that is a great idea! I agree we need to look at all of the different avenues of abundance available to us. It is always better to approach things from a positive and abundance point of view than a lacking point of view. I have heard several of Lisa’s guests talk about that, and I think that is an excellent idea.

    It is absolutely brilliant how Meriflor says that money is emotional currency for women! It was wonderful to hear Lisa have a breakthrough in the podcast to realize why she felt the way she did about what happened to her father’s money when he died, and how those feelings were similar to what other women go through in similar situations. I think from Lisa’s perspective because she is already so knowledgeable about the topics the guests are discussing on her podcast, most of the guests she has on the podcast probably don’t teach her much she doesn’t know already, but I felt like Meriflor did! Lisa was even tearing up a little when she did the card reading for Meriflor. It was wonderful to see Lisa realize and learn something during the podcast that ended up moving her emotionally. I feel like Lisa’s emotions are always so genuine when she expresses them on the podcast.


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