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Jerome Braggs is knowns as “The Soul Medicine Man.” He has had two near death experiences and was diagnosed with AIDS and kidney failure, then given forty-eight hours to live. When he had his awakening experiences he realized he created the diseases in his body and learned how to let it go and heal himself.

Now he’s fully healed and uses his intuitive gifts, and the wisdom he gained through his journey, to teach people around the world how to heal, and live deeply well and delicious lives, through the miraculous practice of coming back home to the soul.

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Show Notes

  • Jerome’s background biography – 1:45
  • Why he shares his near death experience to heal others – 3:39
  • Is death actually fun? – 5:40
  • The questions we ask ourselves when we’re dying – 9:04
  • It’s not just about waking up in life, but enjoying the hell out of it – 14:55
  • His second near death experience – 20:35
  • What coming back to his soul means and how he embraced it – 26:29
  • Understanding unconditional self love – 29:37
  • Lisa doing a reading for Jerome – 35:54
  • Special listener card reading about loving yourself – 40:27

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One Response to “The Soul Medicine Man, Jerome Braggs – Episode 40”

  1. Jenna

    Lisa’s interview with Jerome Braggs is wonderful. I appreciated his point about how important it is to eliminate the fear people have of death, since this really does allow us to live life more fully. When people realize how limited and short life is, and that death is nothing to fear, we can enjoy life more. I think it helps people feel more of a sense of love and appreciation as well. We also need to value ourselves and feel a sense of self-worth, even at times when we feel like other people do not value us, and that can help us get through bad times.

    That is very sad that Lisa’s husband Ian told Lisa when he was dying of cancer that he regretted the career he had gone into and wished he would have done something else, but it is good Lisa learned from his experience. It is easier to get more money than to get more time in life, so you don’t want to spend a lot of time doing something to make money that you don’t like. There are many different ways to make money, but the total time of your life on earth definitely has a set upper limit that no amount of money can increase.


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