Lisa helps us realize the blessing and the gift that death is. She explains to us how she told her children their father was dying and the importance of having this conversation with them.

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Show Notes

  • Lisa shares with us the ages of her children when the doctors told her the disease of her husband –  1:40
  • Her husband, Ian, was denying the idea that he could die at that moment – 3:00
  • She shares with us a story about a trip she took to Seattle – 4:08
  • What helped her have the conversation with her children – 5:08
  • She shares with us since when the conversation of death was around – 8:12
  • Lisa shares with us the beautiful conversation that she and her husband had – 10:30
  • She advises people not to hide information from the children – 12:30
  • The moment when she told her children that their father died – 14:00
  • Lisa recommends a book: “Letting go” – 18:10
  • Lisa reads some cards about telling your children about the imminent death of either their mom or dad – 19:10
  • She shares with us the importance of gratitude – 20:00

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