Bodhi Be is helping people by recognizing death as a sacred and spiritual passage. He is the Executive Director of Doorway Into Light, a 501c3 nonprofit educational and charitable organization. The organization is engaged in advocacy and educational programs regarding Death and Dying on Maui, Hawaii, with families and professionals in the field.

Doorway Into Light is also actively engaged in helping dying people, their families and care-givers. He runs the Death Store as well as has a funeral home which is the only nonprofit and only certified green funeral home in Hawaii, where he offers low-cost, personalized, green burials and ocean body burials.

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Show Notes

  • How Bodhi got interested in death – 1:32
  • His first experience with death – 3:31
  • Why he created the most unique and special funeral home in Hawaii – 4:38
  • A death phobic culture and what we can do about it – 10:19
  • The toxins that go into the burial process – 14:22
  • How to have a green burial – 16:13
  • The death training program – 20:55
  • Lisa doing a reading for Bodhi – 28:35

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