In this podcast, Lisa Jones talks with Rick Randall about getting your legal affairs in order before you pass away. They talk about the importance of taking care of the difficult times in our lives, what is a Loving Trust and the terminal illness process.

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Show Notes

  • Lisa talks about Rick’s occupation – 2:30
  • Rick’s Background – 2:35
  • Lisa talks about Rick’s book: Empowered Estate Plan – 3:04
  • Rick has a Podcast: “The Truth about Estate Planning” – 3:09
  • Traditional planning” – 4:11
  • The importance of having your estate plan in order before you pass away – 7:02
  • Rick shares with us how he became interested in estate planning – 8:41
  • The importance of teaching the classification of estate planning – 14:00
  • Rick’s story about the “Loving Trust” – 16:42
  • What is a Loving Trust – 18:53
  • Lisa shares her father’s Estate Planning – 20:10
  • Rick talks about a “Life Review” – 25:06
  • They talk about the terminal illness process – 27:27
  • Rick shares with us how an estate plan works – 30:40
  • Lisa reads some cards about estate planning – 31:50
  • The dash between the year of your birth and the year of your death –  39:05
  • Get in touch with Rick Randall – 47:15
  • Lisa reads some cards for us: about doing our estate planning – 50:05

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