Elizabeth Phinney was the founder and President of a multi-million dollar destination management company for meetings and incentives in Boston, MA. At the age of 21, her son was riding his bike one night to pick up some beer from the liquor store, ½ mile from his house, when he was hit from behind and died instantly.

Now, almost nine years later, Elizabeth has grown into a dynamic speaker, trainer and consultant for Fitness After Forty Five and her son is her guide and greatest support as she writes her first book. Elizabeth believes that her destiny and strength to pursue it are directly connected to the strength she gained from surviving the death of her son.

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Show Notes

  • Elizabeth explains to us how she found out her son had died – 2:39
  • She explains to us how this experience made her a stronger person – 5:04
  • They talk about the importance of being grateful for what we have – 7:20
  • Elizabeth talks about the book that her son told her to write – 9:30
  • She explains to us how she created a new training technique – 17:14
  • She explains to us how her book is about designing your physical future – 19:59
  • We all have a role to play in the universe – 24:19
  • Elizabeth talks about the night that she knew her son was dead – 26:13
  • The strength that you get when a loved one dies – 30:11
  • Elizabeth tells us that she went to art therapy – 31:50
  • Her dead son’s visit in Las Vegas – 34:46
  • Lisa reads some cards for Elizabeth – 38:59
  • Get in touch with Elizabeth – 47:44
  • Lisa reads some cards about losing a loved one – 48:56

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