Ned Matinnia has always been a sensitive and deep thinker. As a teenager, he questioned the purpose of living on Earth and found that near-death experiences were the only stories that gave him solace.

Ned is a software engineer by day and a seeker for the rest of the time. Since discovering near-death experiences, which he credits as saving his life, he has joined IANDS and served at many of their conferences, and also on their board of directors. He hosts the Near Death Experiences Facebook group with currently, as of this broadcast, about 31,000 members.

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Show Notes

  • The real reason people are seeking answers – 3:13
  • He tells us his experiences as a child – 3:38
  • Why he was so sensitive as a child – 4:36
  • Being afraid of people and the burden that carried – 5:50
  • Why am I here? – 7:25
  • How finding out near death experiences changed his life – 8:47
  • His process of learning about religions – 10:04
  • Why everything we do matters – 11:49
  • What he felt when he joined IANDS – 12:56
  • How everything is recorded and what that means to us – 13:30
  • Everything is reviewed in the future – 15:14
  • Why life on Earth is painful – 17:38
  • Lisa reads come cards for Ned – 20:40
  • The lesson of “you being you” – 21:30
  • Ned tells us “to put yourself in other’s people shoes” – 24:20
  • Lisa reads some cards about what is the point for us being here in this Earth – 26:15

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One Response to “Everything We Do Matters with Ned Matinnia – Episode 50”

  1. Jenna

    Ned Matinnia does a great job explaining his ideas and how he feels about life. He thinks about things in a similar way that I do. Unlike him though, I have never felt like life is not worth living, since I think just enjoying life and intellectual curiosity for its own sake are sufficient reasons to live. I can relate to his sensitivity and being disturbed by people harming each other. It does bother me how people are so cruel and mean to each other sometimes, so I always try to treat others with kindness and respect. We often make judgments without fully understanding the situation of another person, and it is important for us to be able to step back and remember how we would want to be treated in a stressful or difficult situation.
    I am happy for Ned that he has become so interested in NDEs, since I have also been in situations where I have become heavily interested in something, and it can become fascinated to learn about something in-depth like Ned has about NDEs. The internet makes it easier than ever to fully concentrate on and learn about a topic. It sounds like Ned has also become a great resource for others in learning about NDE’s as well. It is great how he decided to share his story and his interest in NDE’s with Lisa’s podcast listeners.

    I like how Lisa and Ned discuss the best way to refer to the higher power. In some ways, I think the higher power is probably beyond human description, but we still need to be able to refer to it. I am comfortable with whatever terminology makes sense to people, whether that is God, the Divine, Spirit, or whatever other description is helpful. I no longer view God as a being who judges us based on specific rules like God does in the Holy Books, but I still think spiritual connection and the spiritual aspect of our humanity is a very important part of people’s lives. An experience doesn’t even need to be supernatural to be spiritual, many people have spiritual experiences that are not supernatural at all. But if people interpret an experience as supernatural, I think that is great too, whatever makes people happy and helps them enjoy and benefit the most from life is a good thing.


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