These near-death experiences will change your perspective, tune in as we listen to Lisa share four different death related stories that will hopefully provide you with some life-lasting lessons.

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Show Notes

  • First death story: the five wishes – 0:52
  • Who will care for you? – 1:14
  • The second death story – 5:32
  • Lisa’s mother-in-law story –  8:02
  • Family is forever – 9:35
  • Coping with the loss of your dog – 10:17
  • A pet’s unconditional love – 10:54
  • The final story – 11:09
  • Reminding people that you love them – 12:08
  • Living with truths vs. living with lies – 12:27
  • Reading cards about dealing with death – 12:38
  • Acceptance: the ultimate goal – 13: 40

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