These near-death experiences will change your perspective, tune in as we listen to Lisa share four different death related stories that will hopefully provide you with some life-lasting lessons.

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Show Notes

  • First death story: the five wishes – 0:52
  • Who will care for you? – 1:14
  • The second death story – 5:32
  • Lisa’s mother-in-law story –  8:02
  • Family is forever – 9:35
  • Coping with the loss of your dog – 10:17
  • A pet’s unconditional love – 10:54
  • The final story – 11:09
  • Reminding people that you love them – 12:08
  • Living with truths vs. living with lies – 12:27
  • Reading cards about dealing with death – 12:38
  • Acceptance: the ultimate goal – 13: 40

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One Response to “Four Different Experiences About Death”

  1. Jenna

    I am glad Lisa had a chance to attend a hospice event, and I like her advice about the living will. I also understand what she is saying about being honest with relatives. I agree that we should always try to communicate clearly with family, even with family members we do not have an especially close relationship with. It is sad that Lisa’s dog died. I totally understand what Lisa is saying about pets providing unconditional love, since usually we don’t have relationships of unconditional love with our fellow human beings.


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