How do we maximize human potential? If this question has ever crossed your mind then this episode is a “must” for you. Lewis Brown Griggs is a diversity-training veteran with over 25 years of experience who is not only regarded as a pioneer in diversity but is also a certified professional Co-Active Leadership Coach and a survivor of two near-death experiences.

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Show Notes

  • Lewis’s Background – 2:23
  • The first near-death experience – 3:15
  • We are all under God – 7:10
  • We are all one at the source – 9:21
  • Being uniquely different – 9:54
  • Raised to believe in his potential – 13:12
  • Opportunities to learn- 15:10
  • Doors opening on their own- 16:35
  • Maximizing the human potential – 18:44
  • Living in the moment vs living in the past – 21:23
  • Moving forward – 21:41
  • No shame, no blame – 22:22
  • Excessive human ego – 23:55
  • How can you learn more? – 25:50
  • The second near-death experience – 26:08
  • Memories after the incident – 29:43
  • Feeling gratitude – 30:51
  • Tennis as a therapeutic method – 33:03
  • Reading cards for Lewis – 33:51
  • Personal coaching – 38:10
  • Reading cards about our purpose in life – 40:13

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One Response to “We Are All Under God with Lewis Brown Griggs – Episode 53”

  1. Jenna

    I like how Lewis Brown Griggs said in his first NDE God told him he needed to do his life’s work but did not tell him what that was. It is interesting to hear about all of the NDEs that people have, but I don’t think the specifics of what they saw or heard is what is important. To me the most important thing is how it made them feel and how it helped them appreciate life and changed their perspective about life and helped them see their priorities. It is interesting how Lewis went into diversity training even though he is a self-described WASP. I think it is good how he says he is privileged, and he appreciates what that can do for him as far as opening doors. I think that middle-class and rich people pretty much have the same cultural values and ways of living. Rich people can just buy more of the same things middle-class people buy, or variations on the same things, so it really isn’t much different.

    I like how he says we should not have an approach of shaming and blaming, and we should own up to our responsibilities and our own contribution to things. It is also good how he says something to the effect that we need to maximize our potential as human beings by using our particular strengths and abilities to the best of their usefulness. That is a good idea to do diversity training, since I think so many of us are unaware of what others go through and what their perspective in life is. That is terrible Lewis was in such an awful accident where he was in a coma and almost died. I can’t imagine having to go through something like that and not to be able to remember what had happened. I also like how Lewis emphasizes feeling gratitude. It has helped me enjoy life more to feel a sense of gratitude.

    I like how Lewis said that you and him could see each other on the soul level, and just view each other as human beings and interact with each other as human beings, without regard to any of the characteristics between the two of you. I wish more people felt that way. I feel like we are so divided now, and people with different politics are to the point that they view each other as literally evil, which is ridiculous. Most people have good intentions in their politics, even those who in my opinion I think are wrong. I don’t think there is one official purpose in life for everybody, since what people value and excel at is different. I like how Lisa says people need to trust their own inner knowing about their purpose, because not everyone has the same purpose, and my opinion is it would be a really boring world if we did! It is great we are good at and like different things.


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