Susan was born clairvoyant and doubted her sanity for most of her life. Thanks to chronic lyme disease, a near-death experience changed everything! She now believes that you are God temporarily embodied and temporarily unaware. Her mission? To help you remember! Today, Susan is a champion of women’s spirituality, she empowers awakening women through one-on-one spiritual mentorships, inspirational speaking and her Facebook community, Divining Women.

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Show Notes

  • Being a spiritual seeker – 1:57
  • Her near-death experience – 2:40
  • I felt a God-like freedom – 6:30
  • God asked Susan: Do you want to stay or go? – 8:06
  • Susan tells us what she wants to share with the world – 16:42
  • Everything is God – 19:03
  • Lisa reads some cards for Susan – 25:29
  • Focusing on what you want regardless of anybody else – 26:55
  • Allow yourself to feel whatever is there – 29:35
  • Lisa reads some cards about the idea that you are God – 32:10
  • You need to find what is your own inspiration – 33:28

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One Response to “You Are God with Susan Dyer – Episode 54”

  1. Jenna

    I enjoyed Lisa’s interview with Susan Dyer. Susan really did a great job explaining her story. Also, it is one of the most interesting descriptions of an NDE I have heard on your podcast so far. I like her description of going into the void and deepest darkness, and then she was suddenly with God. I also like how she says we shouldn’t feel fear about life, people fear so many things that they shouldn’t. I appreciate that she made the decision to go back so she could raise her children, that is something in common with some of the other NDE’s, where the person is given the choice to come back.

    It is interesting how people seem perfectly okay with a Christian having a personal relationship and communication with Jesus, but if someone has some other type of spiritual communication, we somehow think that person is crazy or there is something wrong with that, and I think that is unfair to people who have those types of experiences who are not Christians. I like how Susan says being in the presence of God in her NDE helped her feel a sense of freedom, and that from God’s point of view, everyone is greeted in love and not judged.

    I understand the point Susan is trying to make when she says that we are all God. She is saying that a small part of God is within us (and she doesn’t specifically mean God as described by the Abrahamic religions), and we should feel a sense of freedom and adventure in life, and we cannot do wrong in the eyes of God. Since we live in a society with other people, we do need to have rules and ways to enforce certain behaviors that harm others, but there is not any cosmically ordained good or evil in the sense that Christianity believes. Another idea I have always thought is interesting is human beings are a mechanism for the universe to understand itself. We are a part of the universe, and we have been able to learn and understand many things about the universe, so we are the universe understanding itself in that sense.


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