A man of many facets, from factory worker to award-winning Manhattan illustrator, our guest Robert Kopecky shares with us his incredible journey, influenced by three very different, dramatic “Near-Death Experiences” that led him to years of study, meditation, and the realization of what life really is (and can be), which in time inspired him to write and teach about the spiritual lessons he’s learned (the hard way) in his new book “How to Get to Heaven (Without Really Dying)” .

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Show Notes

  • Robert’s childhood – 2:39
  • First near-death experience – 3:50
  • Going to Heaven – 4:48
  • A life review – 6:53
  • Second near-death experience – 10:04
  • Refusing to go back – 10:36
  • Third near-death experience – 11:11
  • His “dark night of the soul” – 12:53
  • The first book -13:50
  • Different near-death experiences – 14:24
  • We are all spiritual beings – 17:07
  • Paying Bills as a material problem – 25:20
  • Life and material success – 27:36
  • Extra-dimensional people – 30:14
  • Reading cards for Robert – 31:48
  • Discussing Robert’s book – 34:30
  • Evidence of afterlife and reincarnation – 36:06
  • Robert’s books – 36:59
  • Reading cards on viewing ourselves as spiritual beings – 38:17
  • The key to unlocking your spiritual being – 39:23

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2 Responses to “Viewing Yourself As A Spiritual Being with Robert Kopecky – Episode 55”

  1. Jenna

    I listened to Lisa’s interview with Robert Kopecky. That is amazing how he had three NDEs in his life, and that they were all different from each other. I like how he says we can learn from his NDEs without having to experience one for ourselves. One thing I appreciate about Lisa’s podcast and other stories about NDEs is they allow people to indirectly receive the spiritual understanding and life changing nature of these experiences.

    It is especially interesting that he had three different experiences, and that all the experiences were different from each other. I like when Lisa is talking about why people have a variety of different NDE’s, and it was really brilliant of Robert when he said that the reason people have different experiences is everyone who has one of these experiences interprets it in the context of the culture and religion they are familiar with, and maybe even the current situation that lead the NDE to occur. I had not thought about it that way before, but that makes so much sense. Everything we experience, and everything that happens to us, we interpret through our own history and filters and the way we view and think about things. Notice that several people can witness the same event in the same place and tell completely different stories about it. People have arguments in their personal life and at work in which their points of view are so different from each other they are not even capable of understanding the other person’s point of view. We tend to seek out information we agree with and ignore information that we don’t, and this tendency gives us a certain perspective of the world.

    I absolutely love how Robert says we are all spiritual beings. I know some other guests have also said we are spiritual beings, since that is a common theme among Lisa’s podcasts, but the way he describes it is especially fascinating. I like how he says we are spiritual beings in a physical body, and once we start thinking about being a spiritual being in a physical body, we can detach from some of the material concerns we have about ourselves. I think it allows us to feel a certain detachment from what is going on, not in the sense that we don’t care what is going on, but I love how he describes it as a type of loving detachment. I like how he says once we are able to release the materialistic way of thinking, this frees us. I agree so much with that, and I think it is great when Lisa says we are so much better off when we are able to let go of expectation, some of the happiest people are people who are grateful for what they have, and actually have more than what they wanted.

    I like how Lisa and Robert talk about life going in different directions, even when we are not actively seeking something out. It is interesting when Lisa talks about volunteering at the hospice and how seeing someone dying helped her be more aware of life and enjoyment of life. I do think an awareness of death helps us appreciate life, and even just daily life. Some people live for the big events, but big events are fleeting. Being able to enjoy daily life is the most important thing. I would think sitting down with a person dying, even someone you don’t know, would be an emotional experience.


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