A man of many facets, from factory worker to award-winning Manhattan illustrator, our guest Robert Kopecky shares with us his incredible journey, influenced by three very different, dramatic “Near-Death Experiences” that led him to years of study, meditation, and the realization of what life really is (and can be), which in time inspired him to write and teach about the spiritual lessons he’s learned (the hard way) in his new book “How to Get to Heaven (Without Really Dying)” .

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Show Notes

  • Robert’s childhood – 2:39
  • First near-death experience – 3:50
  • Going to Heaven – 4:48
  • A life review – 6:53
  • Second near-death experience – 10:04
  • Refusing to go back – 10:36
  • Third near-death experience – 11:11
  • His “dark night of the soul” – 12:53
  • The first book -13:50
  • Different near-death experiences – 14:24
  • We are all spiritual beings – 17:07
  • Paying Bills as a material problem – 25:20
  • Life and material success – 27:36
  • Extra-dimensional people – 30:14
  • Reading cards for Robert – 31:48
  • Discussing Robert’s book – 34:30
  • Evidence of afterlife and reincarnation – 36:06
  • Robert’s books – 36:59
  • Reading cards on viewing ourselves as spiritual beings – 38:17
  • The key to unlocking your spiritual being – 39:23

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