Mark Anthony the “Psychic Lawyer” (also known as the Psychic Explorer) is a fourth generation psychic medium who communicates with spirits, he is also a successful attorney, licensed to practice law in the state of Florida, Washington D.C., and before the United States Supreme Court. Stay tuned as we discuss Mark’s incredible backstory as well as some of the topics he deals with on his 2018 nationwide speaking tour.

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Show Notes

  • Aloha – 1:58
  • What is a Psychic Lawyer? – 2:34
  • The comedy of spirits – 5:19
  • The healing power of humor – 7:23
  • Four generations of psychics  – 8:47
  • The type of work that we do – 12:12
  • Justifying ourselves – 13:11
  • Mark’s book: Evidence of Eternity – 15:50
  • What is a near-death experience? – 18:39
  • Discussing vision with the blind – 20:07
  • Mark’s touching story about his mother- 21:33
  • Disintegrating into nothingness – 28:18
  • Consciousness survives death – 28:28
  • The Psychic Sciences – 32:28
  • How people’s energy remains – 36:48
  • Lisa reads some cards for Mark – 37:09
  • Let go of judgments – 39:01
  • Get in touch with Mark – 43:50
  • Lisa reads some cards about courage, delight, and sanctuary – 44:39

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One Response to “Spirit Communication With Your Loved Ones with Mark Anthony – Episode 56”

  1. Jenna

    Mark Anthony has such a likable personality. I appreciate how you have guests on your podcasts who are both spiritual and also work in business. I don’t think lawyers are evil. As Mark says, lawyers usually become involved at times that are bad situations for people. Sometimes it is a specific law itself that is bad, but the lawyer is not the one who has control of that. It is like the people who blame the IRS if they don’t like the tax laws, the IRS is not the one who creates the tax laws, it just enforces them.

    I like how Mark comes from a family of mediums and traces back his ancestry of multiple generations of psychics. I appreciate how he says the Divine has a sense of humor, and we shouldn’t think of it as something scary. We should enjoy and benefit from our connection to the Divine, we all deserve the Divine love and guidance we have access to. I have always liked how Lisa says she is still a CPA because she channels people’s angels.

    Mark mentioned he went to a Catholic school. Many Christians argue people should believe in Christianity to prevent themselves from going to hell, but can a person truly force himself or herself to truly believe in Christianity? I don’t think so, since once you realize the idea of the need for a salvation scheme to be false, there really is no going back. You can make yourself go through the rituals in church, you can listen to your pastor warn you about hell, you can play along with other people as if you believe, but I don’t think you can truly go back to honestly believing Jesus died for ours sins once you realize that really doesn’t make any sense. So you can’t really choose to go back to believing in Christianity again in that way in my opinion.

    I love how Lisa and Mark talk about how there is evidence for psychics and mediums. It is interesting how Lisa and him describe mediums and psychics being a part of the natural world, even if we don’t completely understand yet how it works. It makes so much more sense to me for someone to say that there are certain things that are part of the natural world we don’t totally understand yet, so they currently don’t seem that way, compared to the type of religious people who say there are all these supernatural things that are not even consistent with the natural laws of the universe going on and we should just believe them on faith because a holy book tells us to.

    That is great how Mark uses his mediumship gift to help people who have lost loved ones, since that is such a difficult situation for many. I like how Mark says mediums are the conduits between the material world and the other side. He also gives good advice to people about what to do in order to deal with grief. I appreciate how he says people who die are still with us energetically, that is a great way of stating it. I like Lisa’s card reading for him, the card readings are always fun. I think they are also good because they get people thinking about ideas and doing brainstorming.


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