A psychic, an empath, a medium and a healer, all wrap into one, our guest today Khristee Rich works with highly sensitive women also known as “empaths”, helping them heal the wounds of their past so that they can live the joys of today.

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Show Notes

  • Khristee’s background – 3:33
  • The first near-death experience – 3:52
  • Hearing voices – 5:20
  • The most peaceful feeling – 6:23
  • Changed by near-death experiences – 8:20
  • The second near-death experience – 11:38
  • Having a “third eye”- 13:20
  • We are all one – 16:51
  • The third near-death experience – 19:09
  • Being clairvoyant – 25:04
  • Reading cards for Khristee – 26:35
  • It’s all about taking action – 29:02
  • Changing your diet – 31:16
  • Being surrounded by angels – 34:43
  • Get in touch with Khristee – 36:19
  • Reading cards about spirituality – 37:41
  • Feeling compassion for yourself – 39:03

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One Response to “We Are All One with Khristee Rich – Episode 57”

  1. Jenna

    Lisa’s interview with Khristee Rich is great! I like how she was so moved by the Susan Dyer interview that she wanted to talk publicity about her own near-death experiences. I can understand that, since the Susan Dyer interview is very emotionally powerful. It was interesting to hear about her first NDE when she was 13. Her experience has in common with many others that she felt a sense of love and peace, and I feel like we should all try to feel that way in our daily lives. I like how she realized just recently it was the event that truly started her on her spiritual path, since it allowed her to perceive reality in a different way. I like how she and Lisa talk about how we only perceive a small part of reality. It sounds like this experience opened her up to some new abilities. It is great how she uses her gifts to help people overcome their issues from their past and help them move forward.

    I love how she says we are all one and are all connected. That is another very powerful idea I learned from listening to Lisa’s podcast. I like how Khristee says she sees flashing lights when she closes her eyes. I am very nearsighted when I am not wearing my contacts or glasses, and lights look really bright and I see all sorts of pieces of the light in sort of a big blurry type thing. It is like I see little things floating around inside the light, it is kind of a strange experience that I have always thought is interesting.


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