New Year’s Message

On this special holiday episode, Lisa Jones wishes to extend a Happy New Year to us all and also share an exclusive inside scoop into the shows coming up in January 2019, on which she will be talking to several psychic mediums discussing how they started in their craft.

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Show Notes

  • Lisa’s near-death experience – 1:23
  • Feeling in Heaven – 3:29
  • The husband’s voice – 6:05
  • A “Millionaire Medium” title – 7:22
  • Tapping into their deepest hidden desires – 7:40
  • January 2019 shows – 9:38
  • Messages for  the New Year – 13:30
  • The Earth and the universe’s energy – 16:17
  • Disconnecting from chaos – 17:30
  • Being love and light – 18:03
  • Darkness or light? – 19:56

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2 Responses to “New Year’s Message”

  1. Tracy Parent

    Thank You Lisa , this message was amazing. You truly have a wonderful gift,
    Luv Tracy

  2. Jenna

    I like how Lisa does a recap of her life experience and what she is trying to accomplish. That is very helpful, especially for people who are new to the podcast. Lisa’s life story is so fascinating, it is one of the most interesting I have heard in a long time, and it is part of why I find Lisa’s podcast so interesting. I love how Lisa describes her shared-death experience with Ian in such great detail in this episode of the podcast. When I read Lisa’s book I was surprised she did not discuss this more, but at the time she wrote her book I don’t think the significance of the experience and the role it played in changing her life resonated as much with her as it does now.

    I never realized until I listened to this episode that the death of Lisa’s mom had that big of an effect on her, it sounds like Lisa really misses her. I remember Lisa said in one of her podcasts that her mom had unconditional love for her, and that is something that is very rare and special, so I can see how it could be so hard for her to lose that. Lisa is so touching in the podcast talking about her mom, it reminds me what a loving and compassionate person Lisa is.


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