Soon after completing her graduate studies in psychology, Dr. Prentice found the world of secular psychology lacking—her patients needed “something more”. So, she set out to investigate and explore alternative methods in the field of mental health that would incorporate that “something special” she believed existed in each and every individual soul. Her journey would take her through the great religions of the world as well as to the discovery of ancient, time-proven alternatives to modern therapeutic models of counseling.

Her patients have termed her practice as “Crazy hot mess therapy” which opens up and wakes up-the Spirit! She does, however, devote extra attention to those seeking solace and understanding after the death of a loved one as she fully acknowledges the experiences that sometimes accompany that death.   

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Show Notes

  • Sharon’s background – 2:11
  • Her daughter and husband’s death – 2:44
  • Sharon’s husband story with cancer – 5:24
  • How it felt to see her husband after he died – 6:17
  • Understanding the word heaven – 8:54
  • God watches everything you do – 10:49
  • Losing the faith – 12:17
  • Death is your greatest teacher – 12:33
  • Her experience as a psychologist – 16:12
  • The benefits of embracing death – 18:48
  • Why her patients say that her sessions are a “Crazy hot mess therapy” – 21:33
  • We can never take away the fear – 23:26
  • Lisa reads some cards for the guest – 24:00
  • In our listener’s reading, Lisa talks about losing a child – 35:15


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