Roland Comtois is an international spiritual medium, inspirational speaker and author of “And Then There Was Heaven” and “Sixteen Minutes, When One Breath Ends, Another Begins”. Join us as we listen to this professional healer with over thirty years of experience share stories about working as a gerontology nurse, Reiki Master, metaphysical teacher, and grief counselor.

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Show Notes

  • Becoming a medium – 2:15
  • Getting started as a professional healer and counselor- 2:36
  • Revealing one of the purple papers – 4:40
  • How he uses the Purple papers – 5:34
  • A moment of hope and peace – 8:39
  • A purple paper message experience – 9:50
  • The spiritual part of us – 12:13
  • Asking for a sign – 12:55
  • Losing a mother – 14:51
  • The gateway to the universe – 17:18
  • Skepticism – 17:32
  • What can we do as mediums? – 21:18
  • Lisa pulls out some cards about mediumship – 24:35
  • Every human being is a medium – 26:12
  • Your loved one is part of you – 27:38
  • Lisa reads some cards about you being a medium – 29:53

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One Response to “Using Purple Papers To Give Messages with Roland Comtois – Episode 62”

  1. Jenna

    Lisa’s interview with Roland Comtois is so much fun! It is interesting how Roland worked as a geriatric nurse, and how that even ties in with Lisa’s interest in death. I am enjoying these interviews Lisa is doing with other mediums, since I like to hear their stories of how they started. It sounds like Roland realized his abilities at a young age. I appreciate Roland’s point that mediums can provide so much comfort for people who are grieving, since people can understand that death is not the end and can feel at peace through communication with loved ones who have crossed over to the other side.

    I love the term “purple papers”! That is such an entertaining name! I like how Roland sits in silence in a quiet and sacred place where he feels energy and writes down messages on the papers and then seeks out people who they apply to. I like how he provides people with messages of healing and love that he receives and writes down on the papers, that is so beautiful. He also has a wonderful message that people need moments of love, hope, and inspiration, and he helps to provide those to people who have recently lost loved ones. We all want to feel a sense of love and peace, even at the most difficult times, and Roland helps give people that. I like how the messages are positive and people can feel better about the death of a loved one.

    I like how Lisa and Roland say mediums help people get to the door and see for themselves what is there, and that anyone can develop their mediumship abilities. I think that people like Lisa and Roland are better at connecting with the Divine because they have more experience and practice with quieting their minds to receive the messages. So I agree, everyone can achieve mediumship abilities, but I think people like Lisa and Roland have a higher level of ability than the average person, not innately, but because of more practice and because they are at higher emotional and energy levels.


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