Roland Comtois is an international spiritual medium, inspirational speaker and author of “And Then There Was Heaven” and “Sixteen Minutes, When One Breath Ends, Another Begins”. Join us as we listen to this professional healer with over thirty years of experience share stories about working as a gerontology nurse, Reiki Master, metaphysical teacher, and grief counselor.

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Show Notes

  • Becoming a medium – 2:15
  • Getting started as a professional healer and counselor- 2:36
  • Revealing one of the purple papers – 4:40
  • How he uses the Purple papers – 5:34
  • A moment of hope and peace – 8:39
  • A purple paper message experience – 9:50
  • The spiritual part of us – 12:13
  • Asking for a sign – 12:55
  • Losing a mother – 14:51
  • The gateway to the universe – 17:18
  • Skepticism – 17:32
  • What can we do as mediums? – 21:18
  • Lisa pulls out some cards about mediumship – 24:35
  • Every human being is a medium – 26:12
  • Your loved one is part of you – 27:38
  • Lisa reads some cards about you being a medium – 29:53

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