In 1999 Rick & Beth Olsen lost their two children by the actions of a drunk driver. The immediate aftermath proved to be a numbing haze. But it wasn’t long before Rick & Beth began receiving messages from their deceased children, assuring them that they weren’t actually gone and ultimately proving the existence of life after death.

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Show Notes

  • Feelings after losing children – 4:19
  • Visiting a medium – 5:48
  • The first instinct – 7:03
  • The aftermath of the accident – 12:04
  • Having signs of their kids – 14:18
  • The pregnancy – 17:30
  • Coping with their loss – 19:01
  • Learning healing techniques – 23:51
  • Three ways of healing yourself -28:15
  • There’s more beyond – 29:56
  • Losing a loved one – 32:16
  • Understanding the skeptics – 33:57
  • Lisa reads some cards for Rick and Beth – 35:34
  • Rick talks about their website – 37:04
  • Your loved ones are not gone – 39:14
  • Lisa reads some cards about healing – 40:26


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One Response to “Your Role On Earth with Rick and Beth Olsen – Episode 64”

  1. Jenna

    In your interview with Beth and Rick Olsen, I especially like the discussion about how at first Beth had trouble accepting the death of her children but eventually realized it needed to happen the way it did in order for Beth and Rick to fulfill their path in life. There are a variety of ways people deal with grief. Some people are able to accept right away that a sudden death has happened and that it needed to happen that way, but other people are not able to do that as easily, so it was great to hear the story of Beth’s journey of acceptance.

    I also appreciate how Beth and Rick talk about communicating with their children on the other side. I think it is great how mediums provide people with comfort and allow people to communicate with loved ones who have crossed over. I really like Rick’s analogy explaining that when someone has died, that person still exists, but the communication is different. I like how he said it is similar to someone moving to another part of the world where they can only send a letter every once and awhile, but can’t have the type of regular communication in the same way as they did before.


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