Austyn Wells is a Spiritual Medium and Soul Gardener who empowers individuals to create soul-centered lives. She hosted her own show on psychic medium John Edward’s spiritual website Infinitequest. An author, lecturer, guest medium, and teacher, Austyn developed the Divine Spark Cards©, which assist both developing mediums, as well as grief counselors to inspire healing conversations with their clients.  Her Divine Insight Cards© help anyone who wishes to be more intuitive. She has been featured in Matt McKay’s book “Seeking Jordan” and in the Amazon book “Trust Within: The Heart of Intuition” by Molly Carroll. Her new book “Soul Conversations: A Medium Reveals How to Cultivate Your Intuition, Heal Your Heart, and Connect with the Divine” is available on, Barnes & Noble, and Indiebound.

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Show Notes

  • Mediumship community – 1:37
  • The importance of mediumship – 3:44
  • How death has impacted her soul – 4:09
  • Austyn’s experience as a child – 7:49
  • A reading for a departed child – 11:17
  • Children in the spirit world – 11:37
  • Being the best witness – 14:58
  • Connections in the spiritual world – 17:31
  • The beauty of human connection – 19:12
  • Skepticism about mediumship – 19:38
  • Sharing information about mediums – 21:26
  • Lisa reads some cards for Austyn – 22:44
  • What writing a book feels like – 24:49
  • Austyn reads some Divine cards for Lisa – 27:03
  • Your role in your family – 28:28
  • Austyn’s special gift – 31:25
  • Translating your tragedy into hope – 32:15
  • Get in touch with Austyn – 33:55
  • Lisa reads cards about compassion – 35:44
  • Having control of our lives – 37:34
  • Every decision we make – 37:49

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One Response to “Human Connection With The Divine Thru Mediumship With Austyn Wells – Episode 65”

  1. Jenna

    I love Austyn Wells way of thinking about things. I like how she says that sometimes because of our ways of thinking we can inadvertently block good things that are ahead of us. I appreciate how she is optimistic, and I am really impressed with her attitudes about life and mediumship. It is great how she says it is important to be able to surrender to the moment. She has the same perspective Lisa does that in the spirit world we are all one, and I have always absolutely loved that idea.

    It is interesting when Austyn talks about a community of mediums. I especially like how she says that community allows her to feel a sense of gratitude and child-like wonder about things, since we should all feel that way about life. Even when we understand how something works, having a sense of wonder helps us to appreciate it even more. Sometimes we are so involved in our daily routines, we don’t even realize how amazing our lives are now. I love Austyn’s story about discovering her mediumship abilities as a child. I find the idea very comforting of there being entities around us who are pure love and who want to help us.

    I like how Lisa talks discusses how mediums worry about getting information right. I don’t expect a medium to be able to get everything right, and I don’t think it is necessary. It is more about connection and feelings than telling people information. It helps people feel better about loved ones who died, and can help the person receiving the reading from the medium feel better and learn about themselves as well. I also appreciate how Austyn says we need to understand people have a diversity of opinion, and that we should respect that.

    I like Lisa’s card reading for the audience at the end when she says we should come to peace with what is, that is a great message. We can only do things within the situation that exists as it is now, there is no reason for regret and feeling bad about what has already happened.


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