Lisa’s experience at the Blessings of Mortality Conference was so enlightening that she wants to share it with all of you. Tune in to get all the details of this amazing event and find out why Lisa considers that attending the conference could have a significant impact on the way you perceive life and death.

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Show Notes

  • Speakers at the conference – 0:53
  • First night at the conference – 2:00
  • Discussing mortality – 2:48
  • A taboo subject – 3:03
  • Allowing yourself to be vulnerable – 4:16
  • The practice of forgiveness – 4:25
  • A powerful experience – 5:53
  • Forgiving yourself – 6:12
  • Life’s uncertainty – 6:35
  • The truth about loneliness – 7:27
  • Love and Death – 8:02
  • Lisa reads some cards about the Blessings Of Mortality Conference – 9:05
  • Embracing the blessing of mortality – 9:21

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2 Responses to “The Benefits Of Attending The Blessings of Mortality – A Maui Weekend Workshop”

  1. Maggie

    Thank you for sharing this Lisa. I’m in San Diego then headed to Canada for a week. Missing Maui big time!

  2. Jenna

    I listened to Lisa’s podcast about the Blessings of Mortality conference she attended. It is interesting when Lisa talks about how Ram Dass attended, even though he had just recently been in intensive care. I am sure Ram Dass is facing his own death with courage and grace. I also like how Lisa talks about how it is important for us to be able to forgive ourselves, since I think being able to forgive ourselves and others is such a healing activity. Lisa has a good point that life is often precarious. That is so true, it is very difficult to know what life will bring. But I like how Lisa has a positive attitude about that and recognizes how that can be a blessing in a sense and allows us to enjoy life even more.


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