Pegi Robinson underwent a Near-Death Experience at age 5 and another one at age 25. She considers herself to be the most unlikely person to have ever written a book, and yet her story had been begging her to be written and it wouldn’t shut up until she wrote it.

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Show Notes

  • Pegi’s background – 1:22
  • The first near-death experience – 2:02
  • Coming back from death – 3:39
  • Near Death Experience Research Foundation – 4:56
  • Writing her story – 6:28
  • Feeling fear for many years – 7:13
  • The second near-death experience – 8:50
  • Pegi’s experience at five years old – 11:13
  • She didn’t know she was dead – 14:24
  • Feeling her family’s feelings – 16:26
  • Her family didn’t love her – 17:13
  • Dealing with knowing that your family doesn’t love you – 20:54
  • Change in life perspective – 24:21
  • A difficult pregnancy – 25:33
  • Sharing her experience – 27:18
  • Lisa reads some cards for Pegi – 31:16
  • Discussing Pegi’s book – 33:56
  • Get in touch with Pegi – 37:08
  • Lisa reads some cards about not being loved – 37:35
  • Feeling that we cannot communicate with our siblings – 38:40
  • Open your communication with the other side – 39:40

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One Response to “Feeling Unloved While Growing Up With Pegi Robinson – Episode 67”

  1. Jenna

    Pegi’s description of her NDE when she was five years old and almost drowned is very moving. It is shocking how she found out she was an unloved child from her experience, but so wonderful when she realized as an adult she could adopt and be a foster parent to children who needed the love of a parent. I think adopting children and becoming a foster parent is one of the nicest things anyone can do, so I really admire Pegi for doing that.

    I like how Pegi put all the pieces together after her issues with her pregnancy at age 25 and decided to tell her story and write a book once she realized the significance of her experience. It was very powerful to hear Pegi say we gain wisdom as we get older, since that is so true! I especially like how she says that as we gain wisdom, we realize we need to meet our own expectations for what we want in life instead of worrying about society’s expectations for us.

    I like how Lisa says in her card reading to the listeners at the end of the podcast that we are never really alone or unloved because we always have Divine connection that provides us with unconditional love. I think that we can enjoy other people and love other people, but we should never feel worthless or that we need love from other people to feel good about ourselves and who we are.


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