Psychic Medium Bill Philipps life’s mission is to help people deal with the grief of losing loved ones. Through validation, evidential information, and beautiful messages from Spirit, he makes people find a sense of peace. He conducts individual, small and large group readings and has appeared on high-profile television programs like Dr. Phil and Access Hollywood.

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Show Notes

  • Bill’s motivation behind his new book – 1:11
  • Universal truths – 3:25
  • Going to the dark V.S. going to the light – 4:10
  • Why are we here on Earth? – 5:36
  • The earth as a classroom – 6:54
  • Discussing reincarnation – 7:28
  • Time for grieving – 9:16
  • Soul-knowledge – 11:15
  • When you think that something could be a sign: it is! – 11:59
  • Learning the language of the spirits – 13:27
  • Talking about angels – 14:55
  • Soulmates and twin mates – 18:21
  • The mystery of the universe – 19:37
  • Bill’s favorites stories – 21:08
  • Skepticism about mediums – 24:42
  • Give mediums a chance – 26:19
  • Life is short – 28:35
  • Lisa reads some cards for Bill – 29:09
  • Private readings and small groups readings – 31:03
  • Bill’s book – 32:15
  • Lisa reads some cards about signs and sees what spirits have to say about that – 32:50
  • Learning, connecting with the other side and seeing signs – 34:30
  • Meditate and have interest in signs and you will receive them – 36:24


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One Response to “Coming Back Again And Again On This Earth To Learn with Bill Philipps – Episode 68”

  1. Jenna

    The interview with Bill Philipps is so much fun! He is so flamboyant and likable. I like how he says we need to be in tune to the signs we receive from the other side, and that he gives stories in his book instructing readers how to do that. I agree with his point that we need to pay attention in order to recognize signs from the other side, since the signs usually are not big and dramatic. Bill is right that stories help people remember certain lessons. Stories are a great way to communicate and remember things, since our memory is structured to recall things better in context. Think how much harder it is to memorize a list of items than it is to remember the main points from a song or story.

    Even just through listening to him in this podcast, I can tell Bill radiates so much love and light. It is wonderful how he says we are here to connect with other people. He does a great job explaining how he is only in contact with loving entities and is able to protect himself from dark forces. His advice is also good that we should not try too hard to connect with angels, instead we need to have a playful and uplifting attitude to bring in their love. I also like what he says about soulmates. I agree with him that the idea there is only one soulmate for each person for life is incorrect, and that a soulmate doesn’t need to be a sexual partner.

    I also appreciate Bill’s point that when we are struggling, we can always think “this too shall pass”. I have always considered this to be an important lesson for people to learn in life, and I have turned to it at times when I have had problems in my life. We need to be able to put things in perspective and context. Sometimes we become so caught up in our day-to-day lives, we forget that all of our problems in the long-run are temporary. Bill also has a great point that we should not be caught up in fear. No matter what happens, and no matter what you mess up on in life, all of our lives will end someday, so we should enjoy our lives the best we can and not feel a sense of fear.


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