In 2006, Christina experienced a tragic event which changed the trajectory of her life. She describes grief as a catalyst for redefining identity and outlines the process of returning to life. Her mission is to change the way we grieve and how we define our potential in this life, and the hereafter.


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Show Notes

  • Discussing her book – 3:21
  • The passing of her husband – 3:56
  • Believing that you will never be happy again – 5:16
  • What happens after we die? – 6:19
  • What is reality made of – 7:00
  • The holographic principle – 8:50
  • We are experiencing reality thru the hologram – 10:45
  • Where did you go?: Christina’s book has an amazing message – 14:07
  • The Near-Death Experience Research Foundation – 18:57
  • Lisa shares her near-death experience – 20:40
  • Christina tells us how Lisa’s story is very important – 23:44
  • Our experiences are crucial in our evolution – 25:16
  • Seeing dead people in your dreams – 28:47
  • Lisa reads some cards for Christina – 30:31
  • Everybody is afraid about death – 31:00
  • There is no end just light and love – 35:09
  • Where to get Christina’s book – 39:18
  • The different dimensions of ourselves – 46:03
  • Lisa reads some cards about the holographic universe – 47:20

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2 Responses to “Where Do We Go After We Die? with Christina Rasmussen – Episode 70”

  1. Jenna

    Lisa’s interview with Christina Rasmussen is really, really, good! Lisa showed so much happiness and joy interviewing her. I love how Lisa’s life story is so similar to Christina’s, especially since both Lisa and Christina became widows at a young age. It was very moving to hear Christina talk about how she was really unhappy at first when her husband died and felt she would never be happy again. Christina has a good point that when we lose a loved one, we should grieve, but eventually we need to move on with life, and should avoid wallowing in never ending grief. I love how Christina describes being in a state of grief as being in a waiting room, I think that is an accurate analogy.

    I like when Lisa and Christina talk about how the media makes death scary by having so many shows about ghosts and scary beings. It was funny when Lisa says that when she types “death” into her iPhone it gives her a picture of a skull and crossbones. I like how Christina says people ask her if death involves evil and darkness, and she makes sure they understand that death is love and light, and not evil and darkness.

    I am glad Christina introduced me to the concept of the holographic universe. I will need to read about that, since I had not heard of that before. That is such a great idea that the hologram disappears but our consciousness keeps going. I have heard some things about entanglement theory and the multi-verse, but I had not heard of it in the sense that Christina talks about as a way to connect to the other side. I like how Christina says our brain’s job is to keep us safe and protected, and it is built to survive, so the way to let our consciousness take over is to trick our brain into thinking it is just going into another room. I like how Lisa says she telepathically communicates with her friends all the time, and it is great when Christina says the data is in a quantum field, and that our consciousness interacts with the field so we can get information from friends. This is such a fun interview!

  2. Carol Mortarotti

    I loved listening to this podcast and hearing how the conscious stays. Sometimes I close my eyes and imagine seeing a loved one and giving them a hug. Thanks for all that you do to make us feel safe and connected. XO


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